Sweeping away the Tigers


By Kohlton Kober

Index Sports Writer

The West Liberty baseball team captured three wins along with a pair of defeats last week as they rolled through Tipton in three straight before dropping both sides of a double header against Wilton.

The Comets sit at 9-9 on the season. 

The week started Monday as the Comets headed to Tipton for a pair. Game one of the series was never in doubt as the Comets scored nine in the top of the first to set the tone early.

Tipton prevented the shutout with one run in the bottom of the second before being answered by four in the third and fourth as the Comets cruised to a 17-1 victory. 

Game two saw a much different tone. The Comets were first in the board in the second before the Tigers responded with one of their own. Three runs for both sides in the fifth saw the total grow as the Comets clung to a two-run margin.

Scoring one in the sixth proved vital for the Comets as their hosts scored two and the Comets escaped 7-6 victors. 

The series would be settled on Thursday as the Comets hosted game three. A five-run showing in the bottom of the first showed the teams were headed to a similar result as Monday.

The Tigers scored runs in the second and fifth, but it did little to cut into the Comets lead.

West Liberty pushed across three in fourth and four in the fifth to take a 12-2 victory. 

The Comets ended their week on the road against Wilton. First to hit the scoresheet again, the Comets drove in one in the first before a two-run response from the Beavers.

Three in the second game the Comets a two-run lead with an extra coming in the fourth.

Wilton pushed across three in the bottom of the fourth to tie the game at five.

A six-run showing from the hosts in the fifth saw the contest slip from the Comets as they fell 11-5 in the first. 

The second game saw a swift lead taken by the Beavers as they scored 6 in the second with six more coming in the fourth. A lone run for the Comets in the fifth prevented the shutout. 

The Comets will play Mid-Prairie Thursday before a double header against Regina the following Monday. 

Season statistical summary

Batting average

Ryker Dengler, .391; Tully Griffith, .357; Joseph Delgado, .296; Tytan Griffith, .276; Alexis Michel, .273; Beckham Simon, .261; Bryson Garcia, .222; Caden Laughlin, .208; Seth Axsom, .200; Ryan Cassady, .185; Jake Underbakke, .167; Jonathan Cardona, .158.


Ryker Dengler, 18; Tytan Griffith, 16; Beckham Simon, 12; Seth Axsom, 11; Tully Griffith, 10; Bryson Garcia, 10; Ryan Cassady, 10; Joseph Delgado, 8; Jake Underbakke, 8; Caden Laughlin, 5; Alexis Michel, 3; Jonathan Cardona, 3.

Extra Base Hits

Ryker Dengler, 5; Tytan Griffith, 4; Jake Underbakke, 3; Bryson Garcia, 2; Ryan Cassady, 2; Joseph Delgado, 2; Seth Axsom, 1; Tully Griffith, 1.

Slugging Percentage

Ryker Dengler, .609; Tully Griffith, .429; Joseph Delgado, .370; Tytan Griffith, .345; Alexis Michel, .273; Bryson Garcia, .267; Beckman Simon, .261; Jake Underbakke, .250; Seth Axsom, .236; Ryan Cassady, .222; Caden Laughlin, .208; Jonathan Cardona, .158.


Ryan Cassady, 17; Ryker Dengler, 14; Tytan Griffith, 10; Seth Axsom, 10; Bryson Garcia, 8; Jonathan Cardona, 7; Joseph Delgado, 6; Beckham Simon, 5; Jake Underbakke, 4; Tully Griffith, 2; Alexis Michel, 2; Caden Laughlin, 2.

Stolen Bases

Ryan Cassady, 12; Ryker Dengler, 10; Seth Axsom, 10; Tytan Griffith, 8; Jonathan Cardona, 4; Bryson Garcia, 2; Tully Griffith, 2; Joseph Delgado, 2; Beckham Simon, 2; Caden Laughlin, 1; Jake Underbakke, 1; Lleyton Simon, 1.

Pitcher strikeouts

Tytan Griffith, 26; Ryan Cassady, 18; Joseph Delgado, 18; Seth Axsom, 13; Ryker Dengler, 12; Caden Laughlin, 6.

Pitcher ERA (Min. 10 IP)

Joseph Delgado, 1.83; Tytan Griffith, 2.90; Seth Axsom, 6.11; Ryan Cassady, 6.59; Ryker Dengler, 8.13.

Pitcher WHIP (Min. 10 IP)

Joseph Delgado, 1.22; Tytan Griffith, 1.38; Seth Axsom, 1.69; Ryan Cassady, 2.00; Ryker Dengler, 2.71.