Regular season coming to a close

Comets prepare for first substate game against Columbus Catholic


By Kohlton Kober

Index Sports Writer

The West Liberty baseball team split their season series with Iowa City Regina winning the second game of their double header on Monday before winning the rubber match at home on Thursday.

On Monday, the Comets matched up against the Regals for their first of three that week.

The Comets hit the scoreboard first, pushing across three in the top of the first inning.

Iowa City Regina scored one of their own in response. The Regals went on to score two runs in the second, third and fourth innings as the Comets managed one in the top of the fourth.

After a high flying first half of the matchup, the bats went silent for the remainder of the first game as the Regals walked away with a 7-4 victory over the Comets. 

The Comets found themselves training 2-1 after the first inning in the second matchup.

The Comets would go on tie the game in the fourth and capture the lead in the fifth.

A quick response from the Regals in the sixth proved too little as the Comets pushed across the eventual winner in the top of the seventh, going on to capture a 4-3 victory.

The three-game series ended Thursday with a one-and-done in West Liberty.

The Comets pushed across runs in the second and third inning to take a 2-0 early in the game before Iowa City Regina went on to score four unanswered runs.

West Liberty stemmed the bleeding and scored two of its own to tie the game in the fifth.

The Comets went on to push across the walk off winner in the bottom of the seventh to best the Regals in their three-game series, improving their record to 12-13 this season.

The Comets will take on Columbus Catholic on Saturday at Jesup High school for the first round of playoff action.

The winner of the game will go on to play Sumner-Fredricksburg in the second round on the 9th at Alburnett High School.

The aforementioned Pirates are on the other side of the district bracket, alongside Jesup and West Branch which play each other in the first round.

Season statistical summary

Batting average

Ryker Dengler, .369; Tully Griffith, .326; Beckham Simon, .284; Tytan Griffith, .275; Alexis Michel, .273; Joseph Delgado, .256; Bryson Garcia, .219; Seth Axsom, .213; Caden Laughlin, .208; Jake Underbakke, .191; Ryan Cassady, .184; Jonathan Cardona, .150.

On base percentage

Ryker Dengler, .538; Alexis Michel, .429; Tully Griffith, .392; Tytan Griffith, .389; Ryan Cassady, .380; Beckham Simon, .377; Joseph Delgado, .373; Jonathan Cardona, .370; Seth Axsom, .366; Bryson Garcia, .324; Jake Underbakke, .286; Caden Laughlin, .269.

Extra base hits

Ryker Dengler, 6; Jake Underbakke, 5; Tytan Griffith, 4; Bryson Garcia, 3; Tully Griffith, 3; Ryan Cassady, 2; Joseph Delgado, 2; Seth Axsom, 2.

Slugging percentage

Ryker Dengler, .538; Tully Griffith, .413; Tytan Griffith, .325; Joseph Delgado, .302; Jake Underbakke, .294; Beckham Simon, .284; Seth Axsom, .280; Alexis Michel, .273; Bryson Garcia, .266; Ryan Cassady, .237; Caden Laughlin, .208; Jonathan Cardona, .150.


Ryan Cassady, 21; Ryker Dengler, 19; Seth Axsom, 17; Tytan Griffith, 14; Bryson Garcia, 9; Joseph Delgado, 8; Beckham Simon, 7; Jonathan Cardona, 7; Tully Griffith, 5; Jake Underbakke, 5; Alexis Michel, 2; Caden Laughlin, 2.

Stolen bases

Ryan Cassady, 14; Ryker Dengler, 13; Tytan Griffith, 11; Seth Axsom, 11; Jonathan Cardona, 4; Beckham Simon, 4; Bryson Garcia, 2; Tully Griffith, 2; Joseph Delgado, 2; Lleyton Simon, 2.

Pitcher strikeouts

Tytan Griffith, 31; Joseph Delgado, 25; Ryan Cassady, 23; Ryker Dengler, 14; Seth Axsom, 13; Caden Laughlin, 8; Beckham Simon, 5.

Pitcher ERA (Min 15 IP)

Joseph Delgado, 2.68; Tytan Griffith, 4.08; Ryan Cassady, 6.19; Seth Axsom, 7.45.

Pitcher WHIP (Min 15 IP)

Joseph Delgado, 1.40; Tytan Griffith, 1.69; Ryan Cassady, 1.81; Seth Axsom, 1.84.