Free throw fun in West Liberty

Annual basketball competition held by Knights of Columbus


The Knights of Columbus held their annual free throw competition on Saturday, Feb. 3, in the West Liberty Middle School Gym.

Kids competed at the District and Regional level from West Liberty, Nichols, Muscatine and Tipton. The competition included boys and girls from 9-14 years of age.

“I get to shoot more hoops than I normally do,” said 11-year-old Stephanie Christianson of Nichols. “I like to shoot hoops every day.”

She, like the other participants, stood behind a marked line and fired off at the basket. The total number of shots they made determined if they got to go to the next level of competition.

Camden Crees, 14, has participated in the competition since he was nine. From West Liberty, the 6ft 6in athlete went 15 out of 25 at the district level.

“It gives me something to do,” he says nonchalantly. Crees is currently in travel basketball, but has been competing in the sport his entire life.

The Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship had over 120,000 shooters participate at over 3,600 local competitions last year.

During the Spring the local chapter will hold a soccer shoot out as well. They’re also busy organizing their ever-popular Fish Fry gathering coming soon.

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