School counseling department receives award

The 2023 American College Application Campaign's School of Excellence Award


The West Liberty High School Counseling Department received the 2023 American College Application Campaign's School of Excellence Award on Wednesday, April 10.

The award was presented by Danielle Sampson, a Community Engagement Consultant for the Iowa Department of Education.

“West Liberty strives to meet the postsecondary goals of all students providing specialized support for underserved and underrepresented populations in our post-secondary institutions, truly making every student believe that they can achieve a post-secondary education,” said Sampson.

Recipients included Andrea Shultice, Stephanie Ramsey, Meredith Schanz, Skylar Appler, Melia Larson, Katie Thrasher, and Sara Schnepper.

The School of Excellence Award honors schools who are committed to student success and create a college-going climate. Only 86 high schools in the United States have received the School of Excellence Award since the award program started during the 2019/20 school year.

“I want to congratulate West Liberty High School on the success you had during your College Application Campaign and the strides that I have watched you make in working toward strengthening your college and career readiness culture over the last several years!” said Sampson.

“Impressive is an understatement,” she added. “The work that your faculty, staff, community, and students are doing is remarkable. Watching your social media channels has been fun! You are very much showing your students that they have “limitless possibilities and boundless horizons!”