Iowa Audiology expands services to WL

Leading provider of hearing healthcare expands services to serve rural communities in southeastern Iowa


Iowa Audiology, a leading provider of comprehensive hearing healthcare services, has recently opened a new location in West Liberty at 1011. N Columbus Street, Suite 2. 

Before this, Iowa Audiology offered a remote clinic in town for several years, previously located in the Active Health Chiropractic Office. 

They are now in town every Wednesday.  

"Our expansion in West Liberty aligns with our commitment to making quality audiological care accessible to all," said Dr. Jason Aird.

"We've recognized the need for comprehensive hearing healthcare in this area and are excited to bring our services closer to those who need them."

Jason Aird, Au.D. an experienced audiologist, serves as the lead professional at the West Liberty clinic.

Alongside Aird, a dedicated team of audiology assistants and support staff will ensure that patients receive personalized care tailored to their individual needs.

We have three audiologists, Dr. Jason Aird, Dr. Amanda Carr and Dr. Kate Klimara.

On our staff we also employ six audiology assistants, Neila, Trudy, Allison, Claire, Erin and Joan. We also have two office staff Jenna Shield and Jeni Laughlin who work with us.

Together, they offer a range of services, from routine hearing tests to advanced hearing aid fittings and maintenance.

Hearing loss can have significant impacts on one's quality of life, from interpersonal relationships to cognitive function states Iowa Audiology.

“Our goal is to empower individuals with the resources and support they need to address their hearing concerns effectively,” Aird states.

Having the option for someone to have routine audiologic care in a rural area is beneficial to those communities.

But what exactly does Iowa Audiology do?

Its audiologists perform hearing evaluations, prescribes hearing aids based on the patient's needs and technology wants.

They work with a variety of hearing aid manufacturers and patients on what is needed and wanted in an effort to fit each individual’s needs.

Each person should have their own individual treatment plan, we at Iowa Audiology work with our patients to determine their needs. 

With the variety of types of hearing losses, individual needs and budgets, there is no one “best” brand of hearing devices. It all depends on the individual's hearing loss and needs.  

We help patients to determine what is available to them by manufacturers and payment options.

However, patients may have insurance that cover or will help to cover the costs of hearing aids.

Each insurance company varies with what they will cover and how often those benefits are available.

It is best to call one’s insurance company to learn about their specific hearing aid benefits and find out who their providers in the area would be before one’s appointment.

The clinic's patient-centered approach and commitment to excellence have garnered recognition, including being rated "Best of the Best" in 2022 by the Iowa Press Citizen.

With a focus on long-term care and support, Iowa Audiology strives to make a positive difference in the lives of those with hearing loss.

Iowa Audiology was started in 1981 by Ken Lowder, Au.D. and was based out of Coralville. Over the years Dr. Lowder expanded the size of the clinic and in 1995, Jason Aird, Au.D. joined.

Over the years, the clinic has expanded its footprint to several locations, driven by a commitment to bridging the gap in audiological care in rural areas.

Expanding their services to West Liberty allows them to reach more individuals and make a meaningful impact on their hearing health.

Patients interested in scheduling an appointment can expect a thorough evaluation, including comprehensive hearing tests and personalized recommendations tailored to their needs.

During a first visit one can expect to be asked about their hearing health, examination of the outer and middle ear and a comprehensive hearing evaluation with a variety of tests.  

After the testing is performed, the results are reviewed. If hearing loss is identified, recommendations of hearing devices are discussed.

Iowa Audiology offers a range of hearing aid options, customizing solutions to fit each patient's unique requirements and preferences.

The next steps may vary slightly from patient to patient, however often the next steps would include a trial of hearing aids, an updated hearing test in a year or so or consulting about other concerns and possibly referring patients to another medical professional.

“It is ideal to have your hearing tested throughout your life,” states Iowa Audiology.

“Children are tested at birth then several times throughout their elementary school years due to the wealth of research showing the negative effects of not identifying and having a treatment plan for individuals with a hearing deficit.”

“We recommend getting a baseline hearing test as an adult then having a test performed every several years to monitor it and more frequently if a hearing loss is detected,” states the company.

Early detection and intervention is always best and helps with better long term outcomes.”

We are exposed to excessive noise over time and our hearing levels can slowly decrease over time. 

As Iowa Audiology continues to expand its reach and services, its mission remains rooted in providing compassionate care, empowering individuals to reconnect with the world around them through better hearing.

For more information about Iowa Audiology and their services, visit their website or contact their West Liberty clinic directly to schedule an appointment.

By the way, how loud is too loud?

“If you have to raise your voice a considerable amount to communicate then it’s likely too loud,” state the folks of Iowa Audiology.

OSHA recommends that hearing protection be used for longer exposure times when the hearing loudness levels reach 85 dB.

“Everyone should use hearing protection while mowing, using chainsaws, using power woodworking tools and around loud engines, yes that includes at the West Liberty raceway,” they state.

More info

Hearing Loss Statistics

-Several large-scale studies show hearing loss accelerates cognitive decline in older adults, leading to an increased risk of dementia.

-One six-year study showed cognitive abilities decreased 30-40 percent faster in patients with hearing loss.

-On average, older adults with hearing loss developed a significant impairment in cognitive abilities 3.2 years sooner than those with normal hearing.

Benefits of treating hearing loss

-Treatment of hearing loss will improve interpersonal relationships.

-Research has shown improved cognitive function and attenuation of cognitive decline.

-The use of hearing instruments is associated with reductions in anger, frustration, paranoia, anxiety and overall improvements in emotional stability.

-Most people who use hearing aids have improved social lives

-People who use hearing instruments report better health than had0of0hearing people who do not use hearing instruments.

-Nine out of ten hearing instrument users report improvements in their quality of life.

-Customer satisfaction with direct hearing instruments is 81 percent.

-Customers report a 92 percent satisfaction with hearing healthcare professionals.