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Evelio Villarreal's business driven by passion for hunting


By Vanessa “Cueponi Cihuatl” Espinoza

Have you ever wanted to own a gun, but didn’t know where to get started? Our community has a place for you. Three years ago, Evelio Villarreal established Born to Hunt Firearms LLC with a mission beyond mere sales — he aimed to cultivate a community around his passion for hunting. For this business owner, it is paramount that his clients find success in their hunting pursuits. He meticulously offers top-quality firearms customized to meet their individual needs and preferences.

Villarreal draws on 35 years of hunting experience, primarily with whitetail deer in the West Liberty area. Five years ago, he was introduced to wild pig hunting thanks to his family down in Texas. This thrilling experience led him to expand his hunting expertise where he would hunt at night with thermal scopes and from helicopters. Helicopter hunting is a riveting experience. Evelio highly recommends it to every hunter at least once in their lifetime.

Born to Hunt Firearms LLC is currently preparing to relocate to a new downtown location. They will be in the back area of the former ShangHai (West Liberty Chinese Restaurant).  Set to open by mid-August, the store promises a diverse inventory ranging from rifles, shotguns, and pistols to ammunition. If customers seek specific items not in stock, Villarreal and his team are dedicated to sourcing them, barring any shortages. The new space will also host concealed carry classes and facilitate FFL transfers, aiming to educate and support firearm enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Looking ahead, Villarreal aims to make sure more people are aware of their firearms rights and regulations. He would like to expand his hunting skills and get into the larger game like elk. This business is proudly bilingual owned, reflecting Evelio Villarreal's commitment to serving a diverse community. He welcomes all to come take a look at what they offer. For those interested, Born to Hunt Firearms LLC's extensive selection, which includes over 14,000 firearms and accessories, can be explored on their website at or you can call them at 319-321-8899.