West Liberty softball

Holding steady in the standings


By Kohlton Kober

Index Sports Writer

Last week, the West Liberty softball team dominated Tipton in a pair of conference games before falling to Class 5A No. 4 Muscatine for the second time this season.

The Comets head to the back half of the season with a 13-5 record and are currently ranked No. 14 in Class 3A.

On Monday, the Comets headed to Tipton to play a double header against the Tigers.

Game one saw a comparatively slow start for the Comets plating three runs before immediately following that with four in the second.

Seven runs in the third ushered the first game to a close with the Comets as 14-0 victors.

Game two saw a similar result with the Comets pushing across another three in the first before following that with six in the second and four in the third. The Tigers were once again held scoreless as the Comets cruised to a second shutout victory 13-0. 


On Wednesday the Comet bats stayed hot, as the Comets jumped ahead 2-0 in the opening frame against Muscatine.

The Muskies responded with force, scoring five runs before the Comets were able to capture their third.

One additional run did little to keep the game close as the 5A powerhouse rolled to a 9-3 victory over West Liberty which was the Comets second loss to their hosts this season. 

The Comets look ahead to a Thursday matchup against Regina, tournament action Saturday before a double header against Regina next Monday.

Second half preview

In the race for the River Valley Conference crown, a few matchups stand out as the leaders emerge.

For the Comets, none are bigger than this week's series against the current conference-leading Regals.

The first game, on June 20, is at home. However, the final two games of the series on June 24 are in Iowa City.

Should the Comets win the series, they will then look ahead to the first day in July for a chance to clinch.

There, they will host Wilton for a doubleheader.

Otherwise, the Comets have two straightforward matchups on the road against West Branch (June 27) and Mid-Prairie (July 3).

Non conference games include the Rick Doran Classic on June 28 against Bettendorf and West Des Moines Valley as well as the regular season finale at home against Iowa City High.

Season statistical summary

Batting average

Mallory Wulf, .476; Sully Hall, .463; Brynn Cassady, .328; Kylee Daufeldt, .327; Ady Bell, .295; Kiley Collins, .250; Paige Werling, .242; Charlie Howard, .241; Jayleen Kivi, .222; Maelyn Wainwright, .178.


Sully Hall, 25; Mallory Wulf, 20; Brynn Cassady, 20; Kylee Daufeldt, 16; Ady Bell, 13; Kiley Collins, 13; Paige Werling, 8; Jayleen Kivi, 8; Maelyn Wainwright, 8; Charlie Howard, 7; Pearson Hall, 3.

Extra Base Hits

Sully Hall, 12; Kiley Collins, 6; Brynn Cassady, 5; Kylee Daufeldt, 4; Maelyn Wainwright, 4; Ady Bell, 3; Mallory Wulf, 2; Charlie Howard, 2.

Slugging Percentage

Sully Hall, .870; Mallory Wulf, .524; Brynn Cassady, .459; Kylee Daufeldt, .408; Kiley Collins, .404; Ady Bell, .364; Charlie Howard, .310; Paige Werling, .273; Maelyn Wainwright, .267; Jayleen Kivi, .222.


Ady Bell, 12; Kylee Daufeldt, 11; Kiley Collins, 9; Paige Werling, 9; Sully Hall, 8; Brynn Cassady, 8; Jayleen Kivi, 8; Mallory Wulf, 7; Charlie Howard, 4; Maelyn Wainwright, 4; Pearson Hall, 3.

Stolen Bases

Sully Hall, 11; Brynn Cassady, 9; Liv Garcia, 6; Kiley Collins, 5; Kylee Daufeldt, 5; Charlie Howard, 4; Paige Werling, 3; Vivian Cardona, 2; Mallory Wulf, 1; Maelyn Wainwright, 1; Daisy Kivi, 1; Ady Bell, 1.

Pitcher strikeouts

Kylee Daufeldt, 46; Mallory Wulf, 40; Charlie Howard, 5.

Pitcher ERA

Mallory Wulf, 2.98; Kylee Daufeldt, 4.59; Charlie Howard, 7.00.

Pitcher WHIP

Mallory Wulf, 1.43; Kylee Daufeldt, 1.49; Charlie Howard, 2.46.