The Avenue of Flags, 2024

Though they may have passed, their service will never be forgotten


Albert E. Ady, WWII

Phillip Raymond Aikens,  WWII

Ralph M. Akers, WWII

Robert W. Albrecht, WWII

George J. Alt, Cuban Missle Crisis

Robert L. Ament, Sr., WWII

Maurice W. Anderson, WWII

Albert Paul Angerer, Korea

Jack E. Angerer, WWII

Paul J. Angerer, WWI

Richard Francis Angerer, WWII

Shirley A. Angerer, Korea

Edwin L. Askam, WWII

Robert R. Askam, WWII

Virgil S. Askam, WWII

Peter A. Antilano, Korea

Dennis N. Bailey, WWI

Frederick Bailey, WWI    

Kenneth H. Baker, WWII

Edward A. Baldwin, WWII

Richard M. Ballou, Vietnam

Robert F. Barclay, WWII

Lester J. Barkhurst, WWII

Walter W. Barnes, WWII

Wilbur Barnhart, WWII

Kenneth J. Baugh, WWII

Chester E. Beach, WWII

Richard Beaver, Vietnam

Don E. Bemis, WWI

Lindley L. Birkett, WWII

Howard A. Bjork, WWII

Robert S. Black, Sr., WWII

Nahum W. Blackman, WWII

John T. Blair, WWI

Marvin R. Blair, Korea

John G. Boden, WWI

Perry L. Bodie, WWII

Katharine Petit Bothell, WWII

Leroy Bothell, WWII

Louis E. Bothell, WWII

Cecil I. Bowie, WWII

Robert A. Bown, WWII

Earl R. Boyd, WWII & Korea

Robert W. Brooke, WWI

Thomas F. Brooke, WWI

Harold Brooks, WWII

Preston W. Brown, WWI

Keith M. Bryan, WWII

Clarence P. Buckman, WWI

Marion Burnett, WWII

Harvey W. Burr, WWII

Lon C. Burr, WWII

Ronald D. Butler, Korea

Donald D. Cain, Korea

Earl R. Campbell, WWI

James C. Carey, WWI

John W. Carey, WWII

Charles (Ozzie) Carter, WWII

Jerry Duane Carter, Vietnam

Vernon W. Carter, WWII

Wayne S. Carter, WWII

Claude F. Caskey, WWII

Donald R. Chelf, Korea

H. Henneth Chelf, WWII

Dale R. Christensen, Korea

Keith Duane Christison, Korea

William P. Cline, Korea

Francis L. Coder, WWII

Arthur L. Collins, WWII

Patrick R. Connor, WWII

David G. Cook, Korea

Gerald W. Costello, Korea & Vietnam

Dennis Cox, Vietnam

Clarence Crees, WWI

Laurence (Pick) Crees, WWI

Leroy N. Crook, Vietnam

Albert J. Daufeldt, WWII

Dwight E. Davis, WWII

Henry Derksen, WWII

Harold W. Dettwiler, WWII

Earl E. Devore, WWII

Kevin L. Devore, Vietnam

Lyle H. Dickinson, WWII

Robert E. Ditmars, WWII

Robert T. Dochterman, WWII

Carl L. Dotson, WWII

Glenn C. Dotson, WWII

Shirrell B. Dotson, WWI

James E. Dreibelbeis, Korea

Jay L. Duncan, WWI

Alvin Edwards, WWII

James D. Elder, WWII

Stanley Elder, WWII

Clark Elliott, WWII

Chester B. Ellyson, WWI

Steven C. Enderle, Vietnam

Leroy Axel Engstrom, WWII

Charles M. Evans, WWII

William B. Eves, WWII

John Louis Fiderlein, WWII

Marvin J. Finucan, WWII

Virgil L. Fisher, WWII

John Fitzgerald, WWII

Mildred Fitzgerlad, WWII

Guy N. Flater, Jr, WWII

Robert D. Ford, Vietnam

August P. Gatzke, WWI

Herbert Gatzke, WWII

Raymond E. Gehrke, WWII

Wilbur A. Goodale, Vietnam

Ethel M. Gregg, WWII

Stanley E. Gregory, WWII

Edward E. Hale, WWII

Howard Harmon, WWII

Virgil W. Harned, WWII

Marshall N. Hawley, WWII

Eldon F. Hayes, WWII

Lester Hayes, WWII

Dale C. Hazlett, WWI

John Heath, WWI

Leroy V. Heath, WWII

Ray S. Heath, WWI

Dana W. Heckart, WWII

Lester H. Henderson, WWII

William I. Hetherington, Vietnam

Russell D. Hildebrand, WWII

William D. (Buck) Hilton, Korea

Roland C. Hime, WWII

Lester J. Hines, WWII

Ronald D. Hines, Vietnam

Kenneth L. Hintz, WWII

Daniel E. Hise, WWII

Stewart E. Hodge, Vietnam

Richard S. Hohl, WWI & WWII

Gayle Alfred Hollenbeck, Vietnam

Richard H. Hood, Korea

Leslie J. Hottle, WWII

Edward L. Howard, WWII

John E. Howard, WWII

Leo T. Howard, WWII

Mary E. Howard, WWII

Robert L. Howard, WWII

Louie Hudgens, WWII

Jane M. Buckman Husted, WWI

Robert C. Jack, WWII

Donald L. Jacobsen, WWII

Lester F. Janney, WWII

Richard Janney, Korea

Alvin Jarvis, WWII

V.L. Jarvis, WWI

Charles W. Jehle, WWII

Clarence A. John, Jr, WWII

Maynard L. Johnson, WWII

O.Q. Johnson, WWI

O.Q. (Sonny) Johnson, Korea

Roy M. Johnson, Korea

Robert C. Johnston, WWI

Rodger Lee Johnston, WWII & Korea

Robert A. Kaalberg, Korea

Cletus J. Kaska, Korea

Harold O. Keele, WWII

Clifford L. Keith, WWII

Daryl (Sprout) Keith, WWII

Donald T. Keith, WWII & Korea

Richard E. Keith, Korea

Vernon D. Keith, Korea

J.C. Kelley, WWI

Philip A. Kephart, Korea & Vietnam

Kenneth B. Kerr, Korea

Claude W. Kimzey, WWII

Donald M. Kirby, Korea   

George M. Kirby, WWI

Harold C. Kirby, WWII

John L. Kirby, WWII

Harold Kline, Korea

Marion (Pete) Kline, WWII

Peter James Koenig, Vietnam

Irvin C. Krueger, WWII

Richard (Lupe) Lane, WWII

Lester Larson, WWII

Cleo Leggins, WWII

Kenneth Leggins, WWII

Walter H. Lehman, WWII

George W. Lewis, Korea

Harry F. Lewis, WWI

Robert E. Lewis, Korea

Francis J. Lindle, WWII

Roy Edward Linnell, WWII

Jack B. Lloyd, WWII

Donald R. Lovetinsky, WWII

Charles E. Mackey, WWII

Glen E. Macgowan, WWII

Howard Macgowan, WWII

Albert A. Marticke, WWII

Glen Martin, WWII

Wayne (Barney) Maurer, WWII

Gerald J. Meade, Army

John E. Mcintire, WWII

Warren E. Mcintire, WWII

Jack L. Mcintosh, Vietnam

Leslie H. Mckillip, WWII

H. Filmore Melick, WWII

Orval F. Melick, WWI

Bill Merridith, WWII

Charles S. Miller, WWII

Fred W. Miller, Korea

Merle Morehead, WWII

Evans V. Morris, WWII

Rodney W. Morris, WWII

Albert L. Morrison, WWII

Amos Morrison, WWII

Bruce K. Morrison, WWII

Harold (Sam) Morrison, WWII

Larry D. Morrison, Vietnam

Robert L. Morrison, Vietnam

Roy H. Morrison, WWII

William M. Morrison, Korea

Clark L. Mosher, WWI

Arnold Mullink, Sr., WWI

John E. Mullink, Korea

John H. Nath, WWII

John Harry Nath, Vietnam

Otto H. Nealson, WWII

Richard D. Neipert, Vietnam

Fennie J. Neubauer, WWI

James Maurice Nevins, WWII

Benjamin F. Nichols, WWI

Harold Noll, Korea

Ella M. Noring, WWI

Arlis (Bud) Novy, Korea

R. Dean Odell, WWII

Verland W. Olsen, WWII

Anthony E. Oostendorp, WWI

John H. Ort, WWII

Billy B. Otto, WWII

Donald F. Owen, Korea

Richard R. Owen, WWII

Gilbert Parizek, WWII

Leroy K. Parizek, Korea

Philip B. Peak, WWII

Raymond Francis Pelzer, WWII

Ernest E. Peters, WWI

Richard A. Peters, WWI

Dalton (Johnny) Phillips, WWII

James E. Phillips, WWII

Mansell L. Phillips, WWI

Lester E. Ping, WWII

Richard D. Ping, Korea

Albert F. Polman, Korea

Lorenz E. Poock, WWII

George A. Porter, WWII

William H. Poulsen, WWII

Wayne Probst, WWII

Alva T. Proctor, WWII & Korea

James Dallas Raver, WWII

James E. Reier, Vietnam

Richard Reiland, Vietnam

Shirrell M. Riddle, WWII

Mickael W. Riley, Panama

Carl Rock, WWI

Charley Rockwell, WWII

Milton L. Rockwell, WWII

Wesley Rockwell, WWII

Willard Rockwell, WWII

William Leo Rockwell, WWII

Jerry D. Rossmann, Korea

Nile C. Roszell, Sr., WWII

James E. Ruess, Korea

Joseph (Joe) Ryan, WWII

Leroy V. Sanders, Korea

Edward J. Schermerhorn, WWII

Carl W. Schiele, WWI

Otto Schroeder, WWI

Donald M. Schultz, Korea

Victor F. Schweer, WWII

Albert R. Scott, WWI

Charles A. Scott, WWII

John A. Simon, Korea

Lloyd E. Simpson, WWII

Edward F. Sloan, WWII

Edward “Gus” Sloan, Korea

James Sloan, WWI

Thomas P. Sloan, WWII

Stanley E. Small, WWII

Bruce A. Smith, Iraq

Dale F. Smith, WWII

Glen P. Smith, WWII

Hershall C. Smith, WWII

Wayne Edward Smith, Korea

Pamela J. Macgowan Snider, Vietnam

Harold G. Spilger, WWII

Leland W. Spilger, Korea

Merlyn Phillip Spilger, WWII

Clifford M. Spinden, WWII

Helen Edna Spinden, WWII

Logan W. Steen, Korea

M. J. Steen, Korea

Darel E. Sterner, Korea

Harlan G. Sterner, WWII

Glen Stillinger, WWI

Emmet T. Sullivan, WWII

Robert F. Sullivan, WWII & Korea

Harold Tevoert, WWII

Duane E. Thomas, WWII

Arthur A. Thomsen, WWII

Lowell Thurness, WWII

Stanton E. Thurness, Korea

Curtis Wayne Utley, WWII

Kenneth Van Atta, WWII

Ronald L. Vedepo, Vietnam

Lloyd Wachs, WWII

Charles E. Waite, WWII

G. Gaylord Walker, WWII

L. Lyle Walker, WWII

Howard A. Watters, WWI

Fred J. Weas, WWI

Emmor (Busty) Webb, WWII

William S. Webb, WWII

Harold V. Weinard Sr., WWII

Laverne A. (Chub) Weinard, WWII

Albert J. Weiss, WWI

Noble (Bob) White, WWI & WWII

Neil O. Wicks, Korea

Charles K. Widner, WWII

Guy J. Wieneke, WWII

Harlan Chick Wiese, WWII

Paul Wiese, WWII

David B. Wilson, WWI

Donald F. Wilson, WWII

John B. Wilson, WWI

J. Gaylord Wilson, WWII

Keith Martin Windus, Korea

Loren (Sam) Windus, Korea

Edmund James Winfield, WWII

Donald James Wittington, WWII

Charles Richard Wolf, Korea

Curtis Wuestenberg, Vietnam

Ray Wuestenberg, WWI

Robert A. Yerington, WWII

William K. Yerington, Korea

John Yingling, WWI