Supervisors make appointments


The Muscatine County Supervisors approved several appointments to county boards during last week’s meeting.

Joseph Harper was re-appointed to a three-year term on the Historic Preservation Commission unanimously by the supervisors.

“I just want to make a note that there’s still one vacancy remaining on the Historic Preservation Commission,” Supervisor Chairman Scott Sauer said.

The supervisors will need to find someone who is a male to keep gender balance on the board, Director of Administrator Services Nancy Schreiber said.

Supervisor Danny Chick asked if anyone else had submitted their application to be on the commission yet because he knew someone who was interested.

Schreiber replied not yet.

Julie Gingerich was nominated and approved for a five-year term on the county’s conservation board.

Sherry Seeright was nominated for a three-year term on the county’s conservation board.

Supervisor Nathan Mather told the other supervisor’s Seeright was very qualified and would be an outstanding addition to the conservation board.

“Well, the conservation board is about to engage in a couple of major financial park expansions we’ve got planned,” Supevisor Jeff Sorensen said. “Sherry’s expertise in grant funding and stuff will be a great resource for that board in the next couple of years I think so I think she’d be a good candidate.”

Seebright’s appointment was approved unanimously.

Three individuals applied for a three-year term on the Muscatine County Veterans Affairs Commission. The supervisors approved Justin Johnson unanimously for the empty seat.

“And as Danny said I thank everybody for their application,” Sorensen said.

Other items covered at the supervisor’s meeting included:

• approving the fee’s collected for the quarter from the recorder’s report in the amount of $66,638.53

• approving the civil department fee’s collected for the quarter from the Muscatine County Sheriff’s office in the amount of $30,215.44;

• approving the fee’s collected from the auditor’s quarterly report in the amount of $187.50;

• approving the supervisor’s appointments to boards and commissions for 2023;

• approving the resolution appointing Muscatine County Representatives to the Muscatine County Joint Communications Commission;

• approving a resolution authorizing the county sheriff to close secondary roads in emergency situations;

• and authorized the supervisor chairman to sing an agreement with the City of Muscatine using funds from the American Recovery Act grant for the indoor sports complex. Supervisor Chick was the lone dissenting vote. He said he was concerned about the operating costs for the sports complex because the expenses seemed to outweigh the money the city would make, he thought this was going to be discussed during the budgeting process in the county and wasn’t sure what all the funds from the American Rescue Plan Act funds could be used for. Finally, Chick mentioned the City of Muscatine was aware of its need to partner with the county to request grant funds for the indoor sports complex for months but came to the supervisor’s with their request last month. He said he supports projects like this but was concerned about how it all came together.