Letter to the editor

Vote Yes for the Y



Eldridge residents will be voting in March to to accept or reject funding for the construction of a YMCA in our town.There are individuals who are primarily concerned about the costs and financing of the facility. Presentations and explanations by local officials have been transparent about cost. The tax is minimal to taxpayers. Attending a presentation will explain this plan with the correct information.

Emphasis is also needed to address services and benefits offered by the YMCA, that are not offered or duplicated by local establishments. The Eldridge Fitness Center has provided group activities and exercise opportunities, however, it will be closed.

Studies have found that physical exercise is essential for the well being of all age groups. Group activities have social benefits for everyone. This community has families, single people living alone or being the parent for children, and many retirees. The track and exercise equipment, community and social rooms are essential for a complete healthy program. A year around pool is not just for swimming for athletic activities. Exercise in a heated pool provides benefits for the handicapped and therapy for people recovering from injuries and surgery.

This community needs a facility to offer meaningful group programs for learning new skills and healthy habits. The new YMCA will offer life changing activities that will be a benefit for you and the community. Vote yes March 3rd or at early voting for funding a new YMCA.

Richard Heiman

500 N 7th St., Eldridge