Third reading gets waived on golf cart ordinance

Legalization of ATV's, UTV's & golf carts nears reality in city


The City of West Liberty waived a third reading of a new ordinance they’ve been working on for months, providing regulations for authorization of use of Golf Carts, ATV’s and UTV’s to operate in the city Tuesday evening, July 20.

Council member Robbie Rock made the proposal for the waiver – Mayor Robert Hartman noting the council had not waived a third reading in “quite some time,” – allowing the city to provide licenses for the use of such vehicles in the next 30 days.

The council action, approved 4-1 with council member Diane Beranek the only dissending vote, highlighted a quick night of reports and business by the council, the regular meeting completed in less than a half-hour.

City Clerk Lee Geertz said some stickers for such vehicles needed to be ordered, but noted everything else has been finalized in the ordanance. There was some question as to whether the third reading of the ordinance could be waived, but veteran board member Beranek said it was done property and the council proceeded with the vote.

The city also passed a resolution to approve and set fiscal year 2022 salaries and wages for city employees. Including setting the city manager salary at $100,000 for newcomer David Haugland, $80,000 for city clerk Lee Geertz and $75,000 for new police ceief Eric Werling.

Other salaried employees included Edward Tvrs, the electric department supervisor, at $92,456, along with waste water treatment plant supervisor Craig Juergens at $82,654 and street supervisor Adam Reinhardt at just over $70,000 while Nick Heath the parks superintendent will get paid just under $70,000 and just more than David Lira, a sergeant on the police force at just under $68.000.

Other salaried employees included building inspector Terence Oepping, library director Allison Paarsmith, police officer Alex McEleney and three other library employees including Lily Jensen, Tim McMaho and Jacob Lane. All earn under $50,000 except McEleney at just over $52,000.

There are 46 other city employees approved in the resolution that are on an hourly pay schedule, ranging from $34.74 an hour to $8.50 n hour. A total of 12 of those employees make over $20 per hour while three others are just under $20 an hour.

The city also approved a resolution at the meeting to transfer funds to the certified budget amounting to nearly $1.5 million including $413,629 to cover employee benefits, $326,600 from the local option sales tax fund to the general fund, $163,300 from the local option sales tax fund to capital project fund, $228,575 from the TIF Fund to debt service fund and $37,000 to the ambulance and fire rescue funds for equipment reserve, as well as other minor transfers.

In other business, the city approved a third work payment to S.G. Construction Company in the amount of $90,951.26 as approved by city engineer Leo Foley of Veenstra & Kimm, Inc., pointing out over 50 percent of the city hall/police department remodeling project has been completed.

The council also approved a street closure on Aug. 21 from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. to allow students of the Nichole Rock School of Dance in West Liberty to host a car wash fundraiser on the frontage road between Casey’s General Store and Midwest One Bank near U.S. Highway 6.

The council also set a financial committee meeting to review a possible merger between the West Liberty Youth Sports organization, which hopes to dissolve, and the city Parks and Recreation Department, which is being asked to take over activities of the organization. The meeting was set for Tuesday, July 27, but no specific time was established.

The city also heard from new city manager David Haugland, who sat in on the meeting even though he doesn’t begin official duties until Aug. 1. He said he has sold his home in Marshall, Missouri and is looking for a home for his family in the area, noting he is anxious to get started digging into the managerial operations of West Liberty.

Foley also reported the city is beginning survey work on Rainbow Drive and Maxsom Street for upcoming infrastructure work and is working on finalizing plans for the nixed proposed subdivision north of the Dutton Sports Complex. He also said work with Deepak Giri on the Ultra Ventures third and fourth phase has been finalized and is ready for construction to begin.

Lee Geertz also announced the plan to spend nearly $500,000 in federal stimulus American Reserve Funds issued to COVID-19 has been submitted to the state. No details were provided.

City council members also said they are handling complaints from residents including a late-night party at Kimberly Park following the Picnic in the Park on July 18 as well as an issue with a city tree falling in a resiudent's yard, damaging the side of a home and a fence on the property.