Letter to the editor

Put a moratorium on factory farms



A recent survey from the Center for a Livable Future shows that 63 percent of Iowans support a moratorium on factory farms. That’s because Iowans from across the state are fed up with the factory farm industry continuing to put their profits before our rural communities, water, and climate.

Iowans are also fed up with the inaction by state legislators to do anything on this issue. Iowa is the number one producer of corporate owned factory farm hogs, generating over 22 billion gallons of toxic liquid manure.

HF 2127 calls for a moratorium on all new or expanding factory farms, so Iowa can begin to get a handle on this crisis and was assigned to the House Ag committee. It’s common sense - if you’re in a hole, stop digging.

It’s the job of the chair of the House Ag Committee, state Rep. Ross Paustian, to assign this bill to a sub-committee before the first funnel or else the bill will die. Call Rep. Paustian at 1 (866) 581-3558 to tell him to assign this bill to sub-committee.

Bob Moellenbeck

22325 80th Ave., Walcott