Obit: Allen Lee Houang


Allen Lee Houang, 59, of West Liberty, died Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020 at Mercy Hospital in Iowa City, due to complications from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Allen Lee Houang was born Dec. 21, 1960 in Long Tieng, Laos during the tumultuous times of the Vietnam War.

During his studies in Vientiane, Laos; Allen met his wife, Hom Thi Houang. Who he married on May 20, 1979. Due to the ongoing political unrest resultant from many years of war in Laos, Allen and Hom, made the choice to cross the Mekong River to a refugee camp in Nongkhai, Thailand in November 1979.

After two years in a refugee camp, the couple, with their infant son, immigrated to the United States in December 1981, settling in Cedar Rapids as part of the Southeast Asian Refugee settlement program. Very much like many immigrants before, Allen and Hom, did what they could to raise their family in America.

In 1986, Allen and Hom relocated to West Liberty, with their young family.

Allen Lee Houang, was preceded in death by his older brother, Ying Lee, and his parents. He is survived by two sons including Thone (Amy) Houang and Sony (Katelynn) Houang as well as a daughter,Mon (Zach) Brooke. He is also survived by four grandchildren.