Letter to the editor

More important now



Based on The Quad-City Times Jan. 22 article, the Eldridge Park Board plans to close the Recreation & Fitness Center whether the proposed YMCA is approved or not. The planned closing makes the approval of the proposed YMCA more important than ever. As it stands now, failure to approve will leave the community with NOTHING!

Eldridge is a growing community but still a small town. A YMCA will contribute more to the community than just a place to work out and/or swim. Depending on what is offered and with the school complex just across the street, it can provide a safe location for a multitude of activities.

Demographics show that we are living longer due in large part to outstanding health care and the “lifestyle” of older adults. They, as well as our younger people, need a facility like our current fitness center or proposed YMCA. As stated above, it is more than a place to work out, but providing a location for social interaction we all need and want.

Yes, there is a short term loss with higher taxes, but the long term gain for our children and adults is without measure.

Please vote “yes” on March 3.

Thank you,

Warren Hodge

101 Fairway Circle, Eldridge