Meet your new West Liberty Teachers

Total of 24 added to district staff for 2020-21 school year


A total of 24 new staff members have been added to the payroll for West Liberty's School District as students begin a new school year, Along with three new administrators in including Early Learning Center Director Dr. Linday Meeker, West Liberty High School assistant principal Kyle Steffen and activities director Adam Loria, the district also has a new maintenance director in Jeremiah Smith as well as a new food service director in Laura Smith,

John Herber is a new guidance counselor in the elementary school while Emily Resendiz will take a role as guidance counselor at the ELC and Middle School facilities.

While the high school has eight new teachers including Jennifer Cleendineng in math, Nick Frenz in social studies, Andrea Martinez in science, Citaly Fernandez in Spanish, Elyse Buysse in the agriculture department, Trent Slemmons in biology, Skyler Lawson in English, Vanessa Espinoza in Spanish, there are two new teachers at the middle school including Madison Edwards in eighth grade language arts as well as Fernandez as a Spanish instructor.

At the elementary school, there are seven new teachers including Sophia Lehmann in music, Sharla Roe-Torres in second grade dual language, Biana Loya in third grade dual language, Katie Landhuis in physical education, Shannon McMichael in first grade English, Kali Hills in special education and Jordyn Moser in special education.

At the Early Learning Center, there is just one new teacher as Lehmann will teach music.

To learn more, there’s a bio on each new teacher in this week’s Index. Pick up a copy today!!