MCLWV to host recycling program Jan. 26


Muscatine residents have been using blue bins and recycling for several years now, but questions continue about what we can and cannot put in those blue bins. Muscatine residents want to recycle, but want to do it the correct way.

Aluminum soda cans are recyclable, but what about plastic jugs like motor oil and milk jugs? They both have a triangle with a number on them. Can a motor oil plastic container be recycled along with milk jugs?

Newspaper and cardboard can be recycled, but what about wrapping paper? What about cardboard egg cartons, Styrofoam?

People who live in the county, but outside of Muscatine, want to know what recycling options they have.

What happens to the recycling once it leaves Muscatine? What are some of the mistakes we make in recycling?

These questions and many more will be answered in a program the Muscatine County League of Women Voters will present on Jan. 26 at 7 pm on Channel 5. David Popp, City of Muscatine’s Solid Waste/Collections and Drainage Manager, will be on hand to discuss this important project, and provide some answers about our recycling program.

Several examples of items will be presented to get input about what can be successfully recycled and what cannot.