It takes a village


I have always wanted to say this but have never put it in writing, it’s amazing what can be done in our community, it doesn’t matter who received the credit. When we do that, amazing things happen, as have occurred just in the past few months.

Rotary’s coat drive led to 424 coats being given out at St. Joseph’s Church and the Public Library! Many people came from all over the community to donate items. Who knew these organizations could work together? Though, I do not have exact figures, the toy drive was also a huge success as well with First Church United hosting the Voluntary Action Community.

All of this and more, leads me to the big Ministerial Association project. Escucha Mi Voz and residents of the City of West Liberty asked the City for help. $120,000 was given to the Ministerial Association to help with utility relief, $20,000 was given to the food pantry, and another $10,000 to the school district to help students.

Speaking as the treasurer of the Ministerial Association, for the month of January, 251 families have been helped, 923 individuals live in those households and $100,400 has been given out so far in the ministerial utility account. Again, it takes a village but a unique collaboration for the betterment of the community.

I feel privileged to be a part of this project but again, couldn’t have done this alone and want to thank everyone who made all these great projects and many more possible.

When Bill Koellner won a community leadership award at the 2022 Chamber Awards Banquet, he credited the County Health Department for bringing the medical professionals, the school district for letting them use the building, and the Catholic Church for helping take the phone calls to schedule vaccination clinics.

There are many people to thank for all the good happening in our community and if I forgot anyone, I am sorry. If it means, I forgot someone, I feel that is good as many are doing so much good.

Personally, I would like to continue that and would ask you to consider giving to the Ministerial Association Help Fund. While the Ministerial Utility Account helps only with utilities, the Ministerial Help Fund helps people with rent, gas vouchers, and even our students as the need arises. Checks may be made to: Ministerial Association Help Fund and may be mailed to 107 W. 6th St, West Liberty, IA 52776.

I thank you for your continued support and God bless you.