Contract awarded for road improvement project


The contract for the road improvement project on Maxson Street and Rainbow Drive was approved by the West Liberty City Council at its meeting Jan. 3.

All American Concrete, of West Liberty, was the lowest bidder for the project in the amount of $1,477,929.50.

“I hope everybody got a chance to look at all the bids,” Mayor Ethan Anderson said. “It was interesting to see where all the bids came in.”

Anderson asked City Engineer Leo Foley if there was anything he had to add about the contract.

Foley said City Administrator David Haugland asked about the sidewalk portion of the contract. This was an amendment added to the contract last month. All American Concrete submitted a bid for $5.50 per square yard.

“Which is fair,” Foley said.

The next step will be to survey the area where the sidewalk would be installed to see if All American Concrete would keep that price, Foley added. Rock would need to be installed and grading would also need to be done before the sidewalk is installed that could have additional costs. Foley told city council he would have this information ready for the next city council meeting.

The resolution to award the contract was approved unanimously. Councilmember Omar Martinez was absent.

The city council also approved the final payment of $1,500 for the city hall and police department’s building improvement project to S.G. Construction.

Haugland told city councilmembers this payment was for the planter in front of city hall that wasn’t finished and the trim inside city hall from last year. These items were finished recently.

“It’s done and now onto phase two,” Anderson said.

“It’s just money and time,” Haugland replied.

Anderson understood but said if you have been to city hall space is limited and more space was needed for the staff that worked there.

The resolution was approved unanimously by city councilmembers.

Other items covered at the city council meeting included:

• A proclamation of slavery and human trafficking awareness month submitted by the Rotary Club of West Liberty;

• setting the date for a budget amendment hearing for the 2023 fiscal year on Jan. 17, at 7:30 p.m.;

• setting a work session to review the property tax levy for 6 p.m., Jan. 17;

• and setting the date for a public hearing to certify the property tax levy for 7:30 p.m., Feb. 7.