A message from Fire Chief Kirt Sickels


Hello West Liberty and all our surrounding coverage areas from your Fire Chief! First off I want to wish you and yours all a VERY MERRY and SAFE HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

I would also like to express our thanks and sincere gratitude to all that were so generous at our Pancake Breakfast! It was a very successful day and we appreciate all your continued support.

We had an incredible crowd that Sunday tallying over 800 attending breakfast! That was way too many pancakes to count, over 200 lbs. of sausage and over 200 dozen eggs! A special thanks to all of you that helped sponsor our event through your generous donations!

Remember during this holiday season as we travel and celebrate the holidays to please keep safe. Pay close attention to all your Christmas lights and make sure your live real trees have plenty of water keeping them fresh. It’s also that time of year when things chill off and it gets cold! Watch for ice and slick surfaces when walking about. Dress warm if you have to be out and please help keep us all safe by keeping an eye out for your neighbors to make sure they all are well.

As we approach the end of another year it is our pleasure to serve this wonderful community. It is my pleasure and honor to work alongside such an incredible group of volunteers that are so dedicated to help and serve all. This community is blessed to have such dedicated and committed volunteers. We again are having a record year as we will surpass our last record by over 50 calls! We will end the year with over 750 calls again breaking all our previous records!

To give everyone a quick update on our progress with the 28E Agency …. We thank everyone for their efforts in making this happen. The council and rural trustees both recently voted to continue with pursuing the 28E agency. The task force, which began meeting this summer, continues to meet, working through issues/concerns and will have a recommendation/suggestion for a 28E agreement to take back to their respective parties soon. Pending city council and rural trustees' final review and their respective attorney's review of a 28E agreement with the agency, we could have the Agency established and in place as early as Feb 1st!

On behalf of all of us, on your Volunteer Fire & EMS Department, we wish you and yours a Happy Holidays and a very merry and prosperous New Year!