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(NAPSI)—Military families and veterans know that relocating loved ones when PCS orders arrive can be stressful—but there are steps you can take to make things easier. 

Keeping Military Families Connected

Internet and TV services typically come at the cost of being bound to a contract for a specific amount of time. This can make Internet changes, TV upgrades, and beyond even more difficult for military families. 

What You Can Do

To ensure a seamless transfer of Internet and TV service or to find new providers when relocating, consider these tips:

Plan Ahead: Research Internet and TV service providers in your new location well before your move. Check if your current provider is available there and what the terms are for transferring service. If you need to find a new provider, compare plans, costs, and reviews to make an informed decision. To help, SmartMove has compiled the resources you need to stay connected during your move—from Service Members Civil Relief Act protections to military offers by specific providers.

Keep Important Documents Handy: Have copies of orders and other military documents readily available, as these may be required to terminate current contracts or to take advantage of military-specific offers. 

Schedule Disconnection and Installation Dates: Coordinate the disconnection of your current service close to your moving date and schedule installation at your new home as early as possible. This reduces the risk of being without service when you need it most. 

Check Equipment Requirements: If you’re transferring service, ensure your current equipment (modems, routers, set-top boxes) is compatible with your new location’s requirements. If you’re switching providers, confirm whether you need to purchase or rent new equipment. 

Backup Important Contacts and Information: Before disconnecting your current service, make sure to back up any important contacts or documents that may be stored with your current Internet or TV provider. 

Ask About Temporary Solutions: If there will be a gap between moving out and getting new services installed, ask about temporary Internet solutions. Some providers may offer portable WiFi devices or other short-term options.

Discounts and Support

Several Internet service providers (ISPs) offer military discounts and may provide flexible contracts or assistance tailored to the unique needs of military families. For instance, the Lifeline Program is an FCC program that offers Internet and phone discounts of up to $9.25/month for eligible customers.

What’s more, several support current and former military members and their families through employment opportunities and military-to-civilian transition programs.

Additionally, the Armed Forces Network recently launched AFN NOW—its very own streaming app—to make it easier than ever for service members to stream shows, sports, news, and movies. Plus, some streaming services may also offer subscription discounts on Veterans Day.

The experts at SmartMove make it easy to switch your services to the same provider in a new location, or find a new provider that meets your household’s needs. They provide easy-to-use tools and resources to connect you with the best Internet, TV, and technologies to keep your life in sync while you serve your country. 

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