Bus barn to be moved to Liberty Park

Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Liberty Park is excited to announce the sale of three lots at Liberty Park to the West Liberty Community School District for building a new bus barn.

"The Board of Directors of the West Liberty Community School District is pleased with the purchase of the lots in Liberty Park, where the new bus barn will be constructed.  The building of the bus barn will enable the District to move forward in its plans to re-purpose the space of the current bus barn for student use and activities. It will also keep the District on track to make future improvements to teaching and learning environments in the Middle and Elementary Schools,” said Board President Chris Martin. 

West Liberty Economic Area Development (We Lead) has actively worked to bring new projects to Liberty Park and is thrilled to see the bus barn project move forward. “This is a great development for the community!” said Sandee Buysse, We Lead Executive Director. “At first glance it might not appear to fulfill the original mission of Liberty Park, to create space for employment diversification and economic growth, in truth, this project supports many facets of economic development. High priorities for 2018 are housing development, new initiatives at Liberty Park and work force development.

As we work to bring new residential housing developments to West Liberty we need to ensure the West Liberty Community School District can accommodate long term growth. Moving the bus barn to Liberty Park frees up much needed space for the district’s long-range building plans.

In addition, the new bus barn will have potential for future high school shop and mechanic classes. This project meets workforce development goals and helps prepare our students for the future, which is very important for the long-term health of our local and regional economies”, said Buysse.

We Lead is the marketing agent for Liberty Park and we will continue to pursue tenants and projects to help promote a strong economic climate in West Liberty.

“While one of the key objectives of Liberty Park has been job creation and employment diversity, the Liberty Park board recognized the value in assisting the District with the bus barn project,” said Jerry Melick, Liberty Park Director.

“Moving the student transportation facility out of the Middle School campus preserves and dedicates that land to the District’s core function - educating and developing students. A quality education environment is a foundation for economic growth in a community,” Melick said.

Liberty Park was established in 2001 by the Melick Foundation and presented and dedicated to the City of West Liberty in January 2003.

The gift of Liberty Park was made to enable employment diversification and economic growth and prosperity. At completion, the Park was 80 acres, of which approximately 60 acres remain available for development.

West Liberty Economic Area Development (We Lead) was formed in 2006 to promote business development and expansion, to promote community development and quality of life improvements and to promote workforce development initiatives for our community.
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