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Pastor DeLane Wright · Wednesday, December 6, 2017
It was funny, really. Funny, unless you are the people doing the work. On November 20 a demolition crew blew up the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. On purpose, because a replacement stadium had been completed next door.

To mark the occasion, a crew of the Weather Channel set up a camera across the street to record the demolition and to facilitate a live broadcast. Everything was in place nearly an hour before the scheduled detonation. All the crew had to do was wait until the moment arrived. Which it did, as well as an Atlanta MARTA bus. It pulled up to the bus stop between the Dome and the camera just as the explosions began. “Get out of the way!” shouted the crew, to no avail. After a few moments the bus pulled away to reveal a demolished stadium. Miss the whole thing!

Life is like that. We plan, we save, we hope, and we pray. Just when it seems the moment has arrived, stuff falls apart. We wish God would protect us from the bumps, the bruises, and the disappointments, but that is not how God works. A little time spent reading the Bible teaches us that. Let’s face it. A life of guaranteed perfection sounds attractive in the abstract, but life without challenges has little meaning.

God offers us an alternative. Hope. The season of Advent is a time for intentional reflection on the unpredictability of life, a season for anticipating the vagaries of life, a period for recalling that in the midst of turmoil, God sent a child, a savior, “a light for revelation to the Gentiles and for the glory to our people Israel” (Luke 2.32 NRSV).

God sends us strength, endurance, and fortitude. And when those gifts seem inadequate, God sends us compassion, grace, and renewal. Those first gifts help us to cope with disappointments when the bus arrives, and the second set of gifts makes it possible to go forward after the bus has moved on.

A blessed Advent and a joyful Christmas to each and every one!
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