WLPL Winter Reading Program

Stephanie Vallez · Wednesday, December 6, 2017
The West Liberty Public Library offers a challenge to all readers with their Winter Reading Program. This is one of many ways the library is hoping to combat cabin fever.

“Our goal is to keep everybody reading over winter break when the kids are out of school and just to keep motivation up as the weather is a little bit colder and it’s getting harder to make yourself go out,” said Deb Lowman, Library Director.

The challenge is simple: borrow a book, read the book, write it down on the paper and put the paper in the cup.

Every week, from Dec. 1 to Feb. 28, a name will be drawn and a prize will be given to the winner. Those who read more books will have their names in the cup more often, increasing their odds of winning a prize.

Prizes are small at first, but get bigger toward the end. As the Winter Reading Program continues, the WLPL will have several $50 gift cards to Chili’s to give away.

Lowman knows that now is a great time to be at the library, as tons of new books are released this time of year.

“For the younger kids, the next Diary of a Wimpy Kid came out,” Lowman said. “This is a period of time seasonally that a lot of new releases come out so there’s a new James Patterson, there’s a new Dan Brown, there is a lot of new nonfiction that we’ve picked up.”

“This is the time that the big five  publishers will release hoping that people will buy for Christmas gifts,” Lowman said, “so our shelves are just packed with new movies and new books right now.”

And if shelves overflowing with new releases wasn’t enough, the library has plenty more in store to help residents kick those winter blues.

“We’re doing some Creative Space activities,” Lowman said, “we’re doing a string art craft for older children that’s going to be led by one of our 4H students.”

The West Liberty Public Library is also putting together some new Virtual Reality stations.

“The previous Director, Jeanette McMahon, got a Ryan Trust Grant to put in virtual reality stations,” Lowman said, “which was timely because the High School just picked up a virtual reality program as well, and were both using the same consultant, which is Shaking Earth Digital.”

With the help of Jens Zalzala of Shaking Earth Digital, the Library was able to choose the appropriate equipment and begin setting everything up. The next step will be teaching others how to use it.

Lowman is hoping that as the High School becomes more involved in VR applications, the Library can act as a supplement to the students.

“If they’re working on a project or they start something that they’re not able to finish,” Lowman said, “they can come over here and continue to create here at the library.”

Lowman also plans to have classes at the library for those who haven’t had the opportunity to experience virtual reality before.

Lowman plans to have her staff receive training from Zalzala so they can help others use the VR stations. “We’ll have enough knowledge within our staff base to do some creative classes as well, she said.”

While they wait to complete the VR stations, the West Liberty Public Library is waiting to help you find a good book and maybe win a prize. Good Luck, Readers!
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