Table of Warmth

Pastor Marian Hart · Wednesday, November 1, 2017
As the seasons change and our weather chills us and makes us want to snuggle in somewhere and hibernate, let’s not let our hearts grow cold as well. We’ll be planning family gatherings soon to celebrate Thanksgiving. Why not invite someone who would otherwise be alone?

These things warm my heart: The Voluntary Action Council is already planning for Christmas box giving. Rotary has ordered coats. The churches will be collecting all sorts of winter-wear, even new undies and socks! Angel or star trees will appear. Piles of toys will start to accumulate. The community will pull together quite generously. But what about the long haul?

Some of our neighbors may be dreading the winter months, with climbing utility bills, the need of clothes to replace what kids have outgrown since last year, more medicines during cold and flu season, unreliable cars during freezing temps; the list goes on.

How can we brighten a day and warm someone’s outlook on life? Keep eyes, ears open to the need around us. Keep mind and heart and hands open to ways to help. If you need someone for odd jobs I usually know someone in need of work. If you have food or furniture to donate, I know where to take it.

I see these needs almost daily and I see lots of quick or temporary fixes. Let’s light a fire of motivation under ourselves and turn up the heat on innovative ways to change the systemic ills of our culture that keep those in need needy. Got any ideas? Bid dreams? Passion for justice? Join the Table of Good in pooling our resources and using them wisely. Let’s meet at the table.

As warmly as possible, Pastor Marian Hart
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