Rotary lights the trail

Jacob Lane · Tuesday, October 24, 2017
The West Liberty Rotary Club is attempting to light the way along the Hoover Walking Trail, a popular walking destination used by the community.

Thanks to the local club and a grant from Rotary International, Rotary has installed three lights along the darkest portion of the trail.

Their hope: other organizations step up and fund the lighting needed to complete the remainder of the trail, which extends from Heritage Park to Highway 6.

“The Rotary club hopes that various organizations and individuals from around the community will choose to join in the project to light the whole trail,” says Rotarian Steve Hanson.

According to Rotary, it’ll take 10 lights to complete the entire project. Rotary has placed the first three along the route stretching south from the high school.

“We wanted to start with the part by the school because it was the darkest when it’s night,” said Rotarian Tom Brooke. That area in particular is surrounded by trees.

Each lamp, $2,300 a piece, operates completely off of solar power and uses motion sensors to fully illuminate the way.

After the local Rotary Club agreed to pursue the project for 2017/18, Rotary District 6000 agreed to match the $3,450 that the club is providing towards the project.

Each light is called a ‘2000 lumens all-in-one solar street courtyard light.’

“The lights are completely solar-powered,” says Steve Hanson. “Besides the practical value of lighting the trail, the Rotary Club is proud that the lights use a renewable energy source.”

So how do they work?

At dusk, they come on automatically and produce 600 lumens of light, a range of approximately 60 feet.

There is a motion sensor on each light that causes it to increase its output to 2,000 lumens, or 200 feet, when a person approaches.

At the moment the function has not yet been activated, but the club is working on getting the lights fully working soon.

The walking trail was revived in West Liberty thanks to repaving and upkeep by the West Liberty Heritage Foundation.

As for the local Rotary Club, it is responsible for up to 40 local and international projects a year.

They raise a majority of their funds through the Muscatine County Fair, annual Chicken BBQ and the Gala, which occurs every two years.

They take on several projects to improve quality of life in West Liberty, for instance:

-Provide corn dogs for the PTO Back-to-School Bash

-Serve lunch to welcome back school staff

-Set up a game at the annual Children’s Festival

-Served as a vendor at the fire department train ride.

The local club also hosted a Rotary summit, collected funds to help Rotary’s campaign to end polio in the world and engaged in fundraising.

They have also delivered an “I Can Read” DVD to each child in preschool in West Liberty.

For those that wish to get involved with the light project contact a Rotary Club member, President Anna Hanson or Steve Hanson.

Oh yeah, the Rotary Club is also organizing the big Gala Auction and Raffle. For each gala the club partners with a local organization and splits the profits 50-50.

The club has just begun to search for a partners for May 2018. For more information, contact Dana Nelson:
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