Volleyball beats Mid-Prairie

Norv and Mary Coblentz · Wednesday, September 27, 2017
The Class 3A 10th ranked West Liberty Comets made short work of the Mid-Prairie Golden Hawks at Wellman Sept. 21. They won in three sets, 25-12, 25-8, and 25-11.

"Our servers kept them out of their routine," West Liberty Head Coach Ruben Galvan said. "Our hitters were aggressive. Every chance we get, we've got to get the younger players in there. You never know when you're going to need them."

The Comets took down Mid-Prairie in their fifth regular season match of the season. Then the squad returned two days later to win the Mid-Prairie tournament.

The volleyball varsity squad is more than halfway through the regular season, boasting an overall record of 17-2 with tournament games included.

They’ve won both the Grinnell Tournament earlier this season and the Mid-Prairie Tournament last Saturday. The Comets came in second at the Muscatine Tournament.

For regular season matches, the girls have four wins and one loss as of Thursday Sept. 28.

They’ve beaten West Branch, Cascade, Iowa City and Mid-Prairie, suffering their one loss to Wilton on the road Sept. 12.

The girls boast some impressive stats. With a total of 964 serves they’ve had 881 successes, putting together a serve efficiency of .914.

In their last 46 sets this season, the Comets are averaging 10.17 kills per set, as well as 2.91 aces per set.

Senior Brianna Morales is averaging a kill efficiency of .479 with 128 kills in the season, as well as a serve efficiency of .900.

Meanwhile Martha Pace has a serve efficiency of .866 with 20 aces on the season. The fiery freshman has had 118 kills along the way.

In her last 106 serves Hallie Mueller, junior, has 18 aces and a .868 serve success. She’s had a 111 kills this season.

West Liberty vests Mid-Prairie

Set One

The Golden Hawks hit the ball out of bounds to give West Liberty the first point of the first set. An ace by the Comets and kills by Brianna Morales and Breana Thurness made it 4-0, Comets.

The Comets had two hitting errors, then Hallie Mueller got a kill, then the Golden Hawks had two hitting errors.

A block by Mid-Prairie made it 7-3. The Comets hit the ball into the net, the B. Morales got a kill. Mid-Prairie failed to return the ball, and Mid-Prairie, trailing 9-4, called a time out.

With Maya Morales serving, the Comets built their lead to 18-5, including two aces, kills by K. Luneckas and Martha Pace, and numerous errors by Mid-Prairie.

The Comets failed to return the ball for an 18-5 score, then Mid-Prairie served an ace. A four-hits call on Mid-Prairie made it 19-6.

The Comets scored a point, the Comets made two errors for a 20-8 score, then Martha Pace scored a point at the net. Morgan Peterson served an ace for a 22-8 score. The Golden Hawks scored the next three points on a kill, a West Liberty net violation, and another kill.

The Comets scored with a block, then served the ball out of bounds. Mid-Prairie hit the ball out of bounds for a 24-12 West Liberty lead. The winning set point was on a block by B. Morales for a 25-12 set one score.

Set Two

The Comets scored the first eight points of the second set on a Mid-Prairie hitting error, two M-P net violations, a hit out of bounds by the Golden Hawks, an ace by Macy Akers, another hitting error by Mid-Prairie, and another ace by Akers.

After a Mid-Prairie time out, trailing 7-0, Mid-Prairie had a net violation. The Golden Hawks scored their first point of the set when West Liberty failed to return the ball.

A failure to return the ball by Mid-Prairie made the score 8-1. Emma Martin took the Comets from 9-1 to 14-2 on two aces, a kill by B. Morales, and Mid-Prairie miscues. A kill by Mid-Prairie made it 14-2.

The Comets had a violation, then Martin got a kill. Two Mid-Prairie errors made it 18-3. West Liberty failed to return the ball, then Mid-Prairie didn't return the ball for a 19-4 score.

A kill by Pace made the score 20-4. The Golden Hawks scored two consecutive points, then Pace got a kill for a 21-6 score. A Mid-Prairie error and a Mid-Prairie kill made it 22-7.

Mid-Prairie scored when the Comets didn't return the ball. The last three points of the set went to the Comets on a kill by Pace, an ace by Pace, and a kill by Thurness for a 25-8 win. The Comet took a 2-0 lead in the match.

Set three

Mid-Prairie did not return the ball to give the Comets the first point of the third set. The Golden Hawks got a kill, the B. Morales got a kill for the Comets.

A kill by Mid-Prairie tied the score at 2-2. Kills by Hallie Mueller and B. Morales made it 4-2.

The Golden Hawks had an error, then B. Morales scored with a block for a 6-2 lead. Mid-Prairie got a kill, then Morales got a kill then an ace. An error by each team made it 9-4. M. Morales got a kill. Trailing 10-4, Mid-Prairie took a time out.

The Golden Hawks didn't return the ball, then the Comets got a kill. A kill by Mid-Prairie made the score 12-5. Mid-Prairie had a net violation then got a kill.

Two hits out of bounds by the Comets made it 13-8. Mueller got a kill, then Akers served an ace. B. Morales got a kill, Mid-Prairie had two errors for an 18-8 score. The Golden Hawks took a time out.

Mid-Prairie had a kill then had a net violation. With Martin serving, the Comets built their lead from 19-9 to 23-10 on two kills be B. Morales, an ace, and M-P errors.

A double hit call on the Comets made it 23-10. The Comets failed to return the ball for a 23-11 score. The final two points of the set and match were kills by B. Morales and M. Morales for a 25-11 set score and a 3-0 match score.

"We have kids that don't have experience on varsity," Mid-Prairie Head Coach Cindy Miller said. "They played eighth grade volleyball last year, and now they're expected to play varsity."

West Liberty stats: Macy Akers 1 assist, 18 digs, 21-21 serving, 3 aces; Emma Martin 3 digs, 15-15 serving, 3 aces; Madison McINtosh 1 kill; Brianna Morales 14 kills, 1 dig, 2 blocks, 4-6 serving, 1 ace; Maya Morales 1 kill, 5 digs, 21-21 serving, 3 aces; Hallie Mueller 5 kills, 1 dig; Martha Pace 6 kills, 2 digs, 2-2 serving, 1 ace; Morgan Peterson 1 kill, 28 assists, 4 digs, 8-8 serving; Karsyn Ruess 2 digs, 1-1 serving; Breana Thurness 3 kills, 2 digs
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