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Jacob Lane · Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Thunder and lightening decorated the background sky during the Homecoming Pep Rally Wednesday, Sept. 20, at Memorial Football Field.

While it may have cut the rally short, it did little to deter the Comet spirit. The audience hushed to hear the announcement of the homecoming King and Queen.

In silence, emcee Jesus Maldonado took a moment, then he looked into the crowd and proudly proclaimed “Your homecoming king is Andy Lopez.”

The crowd erupted in applause as Lopez, absolutely covered in glitter from the senior boy’s dance, stood up and waived with a grin. Then a silence fell again.

“And your 2017 homecoming queen is… Sara Maurer!” stated emcee Kate Martinez.

The crowd erupted once again for Maurer. She was nothing but smiles during her special moment.

Despite the weather, the community stayed out just for this.

Homecoming festivities hit West Liberty early this year Sept. 18-23, occurring just one month into the school year.

The weather was both stuffy and hot during the pep rally Wednesday and football game Friday. The threat of an oncoming storm cut festivities short Wednesday evening.

It all began with the Homecoming Parade, which traveled down an alternate route from the high school to football field thanks to road construction on Maxson Street.

High school students and various organizations piled onto their corresponding floats. This year the senior float was awarded first place, while the freshman float took second.

Once the parade made it to the football field the marching band led in the National Anthem and school fight song, followed by joint performance from the dance team and cheer leaders.

“Thank you all for coming out here for homecoming activities tonight,” said West Liberty Varsity Football Coach Jason Iske.

Both coach Iske and volleyball head coach Ruben Galvan addressed the audience. Both Fall sports teams have been doing great this season.

“They started the season very strong,” said volleyball coach Galvan. So far the Comets are sitting on an impressive record of 17-2.

“As you can see we have mixture of young players and upper class men, so the future for West Liberty volleyball looks very exciting and very bright,” he added.

Before football coach Iske began he took a moment to honor a very special man in West Liberty, Coach Gus Garcia.

“This is a guy growing up I had the opportunity to call coach, I had the opportunity to call mentor, and now I have the opportunity to call friend,” said Iske.

Gus Garcia has spent 30 years coaching football in West Liberty. He came up to receive the award and shake Coach Iske’s hand.

With that, Coach Iske dove into the topic of varsity football. His team had just gone on a three game win streak, but could they beat Anamosa this Friday?

“These guys know what they have to do, and they’ve been putting in the work,” said the coach. “The louder you guys are the better these guys play.”

The crowd must have been loud enough, because the Comets were able to beat the Anamosa Raiders Friday, Sept 22, 36 to 14.

It was another unseasonably hot evening, but the Comets retook the lead in the second quarter of the game and didn’t look back.

Due to the thunderstorm threat on Wednesday the high school didn’t hold its annual powder puff football championship game. There was no announcement of Mr. or Mrs. Legs either.

However, the windows in the town were decorated. The WLHS Art Club took first for its work at Jan’s Flower Yard.

Meanwhile the WLHS Cheer Leaders came in second at Wiele Chevrolet and the Cross Country team came in third at We Lead.

Speaking of which, the Cross Coutnry team participated in the annual event of running the football all the way from this year’s Homecoming opponent, Anamosa, to West Liberty.

Members of the team had special words for each other during the homecoming festivities on Wednesday as well.

So, bad weather and an early start date may have hindered homecoming, but they certainly didn’t defeat it this year. The Comets are always proud to be Comets.
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