Maxson construction crawls

Ashley Smith · Wednesday, September 13, 2017
The West Liberty City Council met Tuesday, Sept. 5, for its regular council meeting.

To begin, the council approved liquor licenses for Giri’s Liquor Store and Gabby’s LLC.

It also approved a sewer bill refund in the amount of $147.87 to a resident after a leaking outdoor faucet caused his water usage to soar to over 30,000 gallons.

Jason McKenzie of Veenstra and Kimm Engineering was present to update the council on the Maxson Avenue improvement project.

“As you saw today, from Elm to Division, they started coring out for the pavement. They’re going to pour the south side first, then they will start coring out from Calhoun to Columbus,” said McKenzie.

The sanitary system between North Calhoun and Columbus streets is nearly complete, and water services will be finished soon.

“Then they’ll jump and start finishing up the storm sewer,” said McKenzie, “and then all the underground will be finished from basically Elm to Columbus.”

The project is behind schedule, said McKenzie, but All-American Concrete is showing commitment to finishing paving the road as soon as possible.

“They have a plan to finish it by the end of the year,” said McKenzie, “and now we just have to work the plan.”

Contaminated soil at the intersection of Columbus and North Calhoun still needs to be removed and taken to the Scott County landfill, as it won’t be accepted at the Muscatine County facility, said McKenzie.

Extra piping, special gaskets and clean fill soil might add over $12,000 to the cost of the Maxson project, and the contractors plan to bring more detailed financial information to the next council meeting.

According to McKenzie, the construction crews also discovered that the water main near N. Miller Street is made of Transite, a brittle substance containing asbestos that could break when road crews begin to replace the pavement in that area.

“There’s the possibility that if you put new pavement over it, it could break,” he said.

The location of the elementary school and senior living facilities near the intersection would make replacing the water main a challenge, as the project would require several expensive valves in order to avoid shutting off water to the neighborhood.

Representatives from several local organizations approached the council to request assistance for upcoming events in West Liberty.

The police department will assist the River to River car show by blocking off some streets in the downtown area the morning of September 15.

Other city assistance will be granted for reserving parking spaces in front of Big Imprint for an event on September 26, as well barriers and traffic direction for this year’s Run For The Schools on October 1.

The council opened a public hearing for discussion on new water and sewer rates, although no one approached the council with comments.

The council also set a date for a public hearing to adopt an electric revenue loan agreement to replace a blown, in addition to a work session at 6:30 pm on Sept. 19.

Bruce Browning was unanimously appointed to the zoning board of adjustments, and eight applicants for the administrative assistant position will be interviewed.
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