Table of Opportunity

Pastor Marian Hart (WL First Church United) · Wednesday, September 6, 2017
Our little town is growing in numbers and diversity. I just found out there are new folks moving here from Congo and Sudan who have found work locally.

With growth comes challenge. One of the biggest is affordable housing. Another is language. Anyone speak French or Arabic? Another is avoiding complete separation from each other while still celebrating our unique cultural differences.

It is exciting to see these challenges as opportunities. How can we demonstrate to the rest of Iowa what welcome, hospitality and acceptance look like?

How can we support our teachers so that our schools remain leaders in education through our dual language teaching? How can our big employers, philanthropic and service oriented groups help our new residents get settled in and become a part of our community?

Not by sitting around talking about it.

I have renamed The Table of Good when it is my turn to try and get us to push back from the table, get up off our ‘blessed assurances’ and take some action to do good, to actually fight evil in any way we can because diversity also offers an opportunity for the evil seeds of perpetual poverty, racism and fear to be planted.

If you see any of these seeds sprouting, please pluck them out. Find a way to stand up and say ‘not in our town.’ Do not remain silent. Do not hide in your comfort zone, complacency or apathy. Take an action to make someone else’s life better today.

Be a force for good. Use your privilege, your power, your authority, your skills, your resources for good. Stand alongside or in the place of those who need help. Whenever/whatever you do to (for) the least of these you do unto me. (Jesus Christ)
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