Hello from the Police Chief

Police Chief Kary Kinmonth · Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Since January of this year it has been my pleasure to serve as your police chief. I want to thank the Index for the opportunity to bring the readers up to date on some of the happenings at the police department.

West Liberty is a beautiful community. We bought a house in town and are still in the process of moving. My wife Kathy and I are still dealing with our other home we have for sale in Des Moines. We hope that it is sold soon so we can really be a part of the community.

I am very proud of the staff at the Police Department. Everyone has pitched in and helped me feel welcome. I have been very impressed with the sense of community and pride that neighbors have as they watch out for each other.

I believe in ‘Community Oriented Policing.’ Simply put, it’s getting out of our squad cars more, visiting with folks and learning about problems or issues. It is important for us to address minor concerns before they fester into major issues and problems.

If you have the opportunity follow us on Facebook. We have a West Liberty Police Department Facebook page. We try to keep the community aware of public safety issues and occasionally a funny picture or joke can be seen.

Yes, we do like to joke and have fun; however, we also understand ours is a very serious business. Please know there is nothing more important to us than the safety of all our community members. If you ever have an issue or concern, please do not hesitate to contact myself or one of my officers.

We have a fun and exciting week ahead with the fair in town. As always, we will put our best foot forward to police our community with compassion.

Until next time

Chief Kary Kinmonth
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