Table of Good (7/6/17)

Pastor Mario R. Padilla · Wednesday, July 5, 2017
Once again we hear the noise of human evil in the news. We read about it in the papers. We have to be hiding our heads in the sand to not be aware of it all. Throughout history this human evil manifests itself in many ways.

Into this mess came a man named Jesus. We read that he went around doing good and healing people. He came to earth on a mission. He came to save us and free us from this evil within us and all around us. The God who is The Good, who is The Love came to earth in human flesh to liberate us from our evil, our sin. He sacrificed his good life to free us. He seeks to change us from the inside out. If we ask him, if we let him, he can make us into the people our Creator intended us to be when we were created.

When we receive the Gift, Jesus, we receive the Good. We then can become HIS Instruments of the Good, the Love, the Peace. It is a joy to see His Good being done in and through human lives.

I saw it this year during our Vacation Bible School week. I say many people, especially youth, step up and serve. I saw young people helping small children, caring for them, loving them. I saw some young people fasting for 30 hours. They participated in the 30 Hour Planned Famine through World Vision to raise funds to help the poor and hungry of our world. CYG is planning its annual mission trip. We will be going to Milwaukee, WI July 30 – August 5. We will be serving those in need in the name of Jesus. We will be serving with other young people from around the country.

We gave a presentation recently at Nichols Methodist church about our CYG mission trip last year to Minneapolis, Min. An adult asked the youth about CYG and our mission trips and how they have affected them. A young person answered and reported how a school advisor mentioned how these people cared more about helping others and doing the good as they go off to college than about making lots of money and being rich and famous.

I give thanks to God for these young people. Let us all go into a crazy world and be instruments of Jesus, if HIS Good, Love and Peace. The world needs us. It needs Jesus working in us, changing us from the inside out and doing his Good through us. Our hope is to have a meeting of The Table of Good soon. We invite you all to join us (again) Wednesday, September 6th at 7:00 pm and First Church United.
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