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Pastor DeLane Wright · Wednesday, May 31, 2017
I was helping my wife sell some of her craft items during a community garage sale years ago when a woman stepped forward to purchase a floral swag. “This is perfect for our bathroom!” She exclaimed. “I’ve been praying that I would find just the right thing. Praise Jesus!”

I admit, I was a little uncomfortable with that idea. I wasn’t brought up thinking of Jesus as my personal shopper. Neither was I taught to think of Jesus as my personal financier, nor my travel agent, nor my match-maker, nor my academic tutor, nor my…well, you get the picture.

I was guided to think of Jesus as my teacher. If I were a good student I would benefit from his wisdom, his compassion, and his grace. If I took those lessons to heart, chances were better that I would make good decisions about all those things, and more. But—and this is a big one—I was free to ignore his guidance.

Free will is also a gift from God. Free will is most precious, and most precarious. We are allowed to fail. We are allowed to go astray.

If you chose to follow me, Jesus says, you may not always be comfortable, well-fed, happy, wealthy, healthy, or successful according to any human standard. But, you will live a worthy life.

Any church, or religious leader, who promises you wealth and happiness in abundance as the reward for following Jesus, is offering you something less than Jesus.

Perhaps they do that hoping it will get you to walk through their door, but those are not the reasons why you should. Gather with us to learn, and re-learn, what it is Jesus is teaching us about life in abundance.

As a result, you may not find the perfect bathroom décor, but you may find what it is you should truly be looking for.
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