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CJ Warson · Wednesday, May 24, 2017
On Monday, May 22, the West Liberty boys’ varsity soccer team was looking for win number five after a four a game win streak. That’s just what they came away with.

The Comets opened their post season with 10-0 win over a young and visiting Wapello team. Wapello was battling a streak of it’s own, six losses in row soon to be seven.

For a day that had been windy, the night was still with a slight breeze every so often. It made it a good night for some Comet soccer.

First Half

Within the first two and a half minutes both teams fought over the ball, not really keeping it to one side or the other. Suddenly the ball got free of the large group of white and yellow jerseys.

One kick from Christian Gonzalez would get the West Liberty offense the start that it needed as the ball traveled down to the Wapello side.

Just over four minutes into the game, Aaron Lara scored the first goal of the game. This put the Comets up (1-0) over Wapello.

About thirty seconds later Jesus Maldonado charged toward Wapello’s goal with the ball and came close to making goal number two. However, goal number two would go to Andres Garcia-Vargas soon after the failed attempt.

Not too long after goal number two, the Comets had a chance to go up (3-0) as Lara set up Gabriel Seele after he kicked the ball down the field.

With the setup, Seele out ran a couple Wapello defenders to get it. As Seele chased it own, he took his shot, but kicked it wide left of the goal keeper.

Soon, Garcia-Vargas would come to score his second straight goal. This put the team up by three points only ten minutes into the game.

Soon after goal three, the Wapello goalie would come out to get the ball on two different occasions and commit not one, but two penalties. One of these penalties would set up Seele for a redemption kick from the miss he had earlier as he attempted his penalty kick.

Joe Baker would also get his own penalty kick as the Comets took a (5-0) lead barely five minutes after making goal three.

Half way through the first half, Wapello found their way through the Comet defense and made their first attempt at making their first goal.

The opportunity was missed as the ball was kicked too far to the right side of the goal and the Comets would then get the ball back.

After a period of nothing from either side, the Comets found an opening in their opponent’s defense as Fernando Rodriguez scored the last goal of the half with just over five minutes left in the half.

Second Half

As the teams took the field for the second half the Comets were up (6-0).

Wapello was the first to strike within the first two minutes. Taking just their second shot of the game at the Comet’s goal, they make their way through the Comet defense and missed wide left.

West Liberty would then counter as they travel down the field in hopes of scoring again, but end up replicating what Wapello did and missed to the left.

Within the first fifteen minutes, however, Martin Menjivar-Banegas and Lara would put it in for a (8-0) score.

After some time Wapello took a shot at the Comet’s goal hoping a the third time would be the charm, but do not complete the goal.

To end the game, Menjivar-Banegas would score goals nine and ten with 9 minutes left in the half, causing the mercy rule to take effect.

This was the first time this season that the Comets have scored ten points and shut out a team with the mercy rule.

At the end of the night, the goal scoring players were Menjivar-Banegas (3 goals), Lara (2 goals), Garcia-Vargas (2 goals), Seele, Baker, and Rodriguez (1 goal) each.
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