Regina squeaks out a win

Jacob Lane · Wednesday, May 10, 2017
It could have gone either way Monday, May 9, during the varsity soccer match between the West Liberty Comets and the Regina Regals.

After 80 minutes of play the 1-1 game went into sudden death overtime, where the first team to score would take the match.

Unfortunately for the Comets, the Regals would get that goal with 20 seconds left before a second overtime during an intense tangle up in Comet territory.

A quick shot slid by the West Liberty goalie in a crash that resulted with many West Liberty and Regina players on the ground.

What made it most frustrating, a valiant attempt by West Liberty’s Fernando Rodriguez could have ended it all a few moments earlier for the Comets.

Rodriguez was in the right place at the right time and fired off a shot with enough velocity to fly by the Regina goalie. However, it didn’t have enough precision and missed the goal by less than a foot.

The loss ended a four game win streak by the Comets, putting their overall record at seven wins and five losses for the 2017 season.

The Comets had a rough start in April when they dropped their first two matches against Muscatine and Davenport Assumption, but then they equalled it out with wins against Mid-Prairie and North Scott.

Most recently the Comets went on a tear, scoring a combined 21 goals in consecutive victories against Clear Creek-Amana, North Scott, Monticello and Clinton.

The Comets only goal in the Regina matchup at home was a big one. The Regals struck first when Nicholas Pechous was given the ball right in front of the Comet’s net.

He was able to pop up a shot right over the goalie and give Regina the lead. In fact, there seemed to be some trepidation on West Liberty’s side during the entire first half of the match.

While the Comets were able to hammer the ball into Regal territory many times in the half, they were unable to set up any good shot attempts.

However, a pep talk by Coach Mike Gunn must have done some good during halftime, because the Comet return in the second half was filled with fury.

In the first six minutes of the second West Liberty’s Yohanan Negrete and Cristian Gonzalez made better shot attempts than the entire Comet offense in the first half.

At the seven minute mark a big break came when Comet Martin Menjivar-Banegas passed to Yohanan Negrete. Young Negrete, planted right in front of the goal, went for the kick but the Regina goalie threw himself on the ball.

The Comets kept the fire alive for thirty minutes with more shot attempts by Negrete and Fernando Rodriguez. They were a truly different team.

However, it was Andres Garcia-Vargas who would get the first coveted Comet goal with 10 minutes to go in the game. The Comets and the audience went wild.

Eventually the game went into overtime, where the Comets managed to keep up their aggressive offense. However, luck was once again with the Regals.
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