Girls get the win against Northeast

Jacob Lane · Wednesday, May 3, 2017
Nothing like a big win at home to put a little pep in your step. On Thursday, April 27, the West Liberty girls varsity soccer team did just that when they defeated the Northeast Rebels 10-2.

Haddie Anderson, the girl on fire, scored six goals en route to West Liberty’s third win in-a-row. The Comets now sit at four wins and three losses on the young season.

In fact, Thursday’s game was an offense extravaganza, with Lizzie Hoang slipping in two goals while Alyssa Snider and Sarah Seele each had a goal of their own.

“Our midfield controls the whole offense,” said Coach Machado. “Sarah Seele is a playmaker for the team. She’s able to provide openings and set up Haddie Anderson and Lizzy Garcia.”

She opened a lot of holes as the Comets outpaced and out played the Rebels, a team which has been having a rough campaign during the 2017 season.

Almost 10 days ago, Wednesday, April 17, the Comets beat Columbus Junction 6-1 at home thanks to contributions from Haddie Anderson, Lizzy Garcia and Sara Seele.

On Thursday, April 20, they took the show on the road defeating Vinton-Shellsburg 3-1. This set them up for their 10-2 victory over Northeast a week later.

It’s been a long-drawn out win streak with several day breaks between the games thanks to scheduling, but it’s still been a win streak.

“We started off the season slow, just because of the transition of coaches,” says Coach Machado. He replaced former girls coach Cesar Romero this season, causing a minor rebuild of the team.

“Communication has improved, we keep working on those basic skills and improving on the little stuff,” says the coach. “We built off of those losses at the beginning of the season.”

Basically, the big reason the Comets crawled out of a two-game loss deficit was communication and ball movement. With more wins has also come more confidence.

“The teamwork between Sarah Seele and Haddie Anderson, they have a gift,” adds the coach. ”I’m confident that the team will keep improving.”

The girls ended last season 8-6. At the moment they’re on pace to finish in a similar fashion in 2017; however, an overall improvement is possible if they keep up the good work.

First Half

Haddie Anderson opened up the scoring against Northeast right away on a cold and cloudy Thursday evening at Memorial Field when she pulled ahead of the defenders, picked a corned, and sunk one in.

However, the Rebels would answer back a minute later as they managed to lob a shot through the hands of the Comet keeper. Four minutes into the match the game was tied 1-1.

It would remain a back-and-forth affair for the next 10 minutes, thanks in part to a few incredible stops and tangle ups by the West Liberty defense.

Just when it looked as though this match would settle into monotony, Anderson managed to break free of the Rebel defender pack again with the ball.

She fired it a shot straight at the Northeast goalie and fell to the ground. The goalie blocked the shot, but Anderson jumped back up from the ground and kicked the rebound into the net for a goal.

It was now West Liberty 2 and Northeast 1. From then on the Comets would hold onto that lead with relentless offense and superb defense.

Sarah Seele just about had the Comets third goal of the game twice-in-a-row. The first time she fired off a high straight shot that was barely deflected by the goalie into the air.

The second time occurred 20 minutes into the first half when Seele fired another high shot at the goal that ended up hitting the top bar of the goal post and ricocheting straight down to the ground.

Haddie Anderson was in the right place at the right time and put in another goal, it was now West Liberty 3-Northeast 1.

It would be Alyssa Snider that would sink in goal number four for the Comets only a few minutes later when she managed to slip a quick shot through the fingers of the goalie.

With 10 minutes to go in the half, Lizzie Hoang straight up fooled the Rebel defenders with a big fake a quickly sent another shot into the goal.

It was now West Liberty 5 and Northeast 1, but that wasn’t enough for Anderson. Once again she broke far ahead of the Northeast defenders and took a shot. The half ended 6-1.

“Haddie Anderson makes herself the first option for a pass from Sarah. She’s our top scorer right now,” said Coach Machado. “The confidence is building up.”

Second Half

Just like the beginning of the game, Anderson didn’t wait long to strike yet-again as minutes began to tick off of the score board in the second half. She made it West Liberty 7-Northeast 2.

But the Rebels weren’t out of it yet. Seven minutes into the half they managed to sneak by West Liberty’s defenders and put in their second goal of the game.

The Comet’s Sarah Seele would immediately answer back, battling her way through a group of four, then a group of two, to sink in West Liberty’s seventh goal of the game.

Both sides seemed content with the score until 20 minutes into the half when Northeast accidentally kicked the ball towards their own goal. Anderson jumped on the opportunity and scored.

It was West Liberty 9-Northeast 2 with 20 minutes to go. The Rebels lost a lot of steam while the Comets backed off a bit for the remainder of the match.

Lizzie Hoang would manage to slip in one more goal in the final minutes of the match, ultimately giving the Comets 10-2 victory over the visiting Rebels.

It was a break out performance for Lizzie Hoang and her two goals on Thursday.

“She started off slow,” says Coach Machado. “She’s been working hard on moving the ball and her confidence keeps building. It’s showing.”
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