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Norv and Mary Coblentz · Wednesday, April 26, 2017
The West Liberty girls competed at the Mid-Prairie Relays in Wellman April 20.

"It was a cool, windy night, and we were short-handed again," West Liberty Co-head Coach Dennis Riley said. "We had a very up and down night as far as efforts went, so we can either be satisfied with that or do something about it. The team finished eighth out of 10 with 23 points.

The Comets did well in the throwing competitions. Morgan Nichols took first in the discus with a throw of 104-10. Miranda McHugh had a throw of 73-11. McHugh put the shot 29-11.75, and Abby Jacques put the shot 21-06.

In the dashes, Emilie Burke had a second-place finish in the 400m dash with a time of 1:05.14. In the 100m dash, Yadisha Mendez finished in 23.00, and Jocelyn Baltazar finished in 18.37.

Elizabeth Baca finished the 200m dash with a time of 33.76. McKenzie Cole finished in 37.52.

In the 800m run, Jimena Fierro finished in 2:59.57, and Ahziria Aragon finished in 3:33.98.

Nearly Martin-Thomas finished the 1500m run in 6:32.98. Fierro ran the 3000m run in 12;47.05 for fifth place.

The 4x100 team of Belinda Heckman, Nixsia Melchor, Yadisha Mendez, and Emilie Burke finished with a time of 57.35.

The 4x200 team of Melchor, Heckman, Mendez, and Reghan McNaul finished in 2:02.42 for sixth place.

In the 4x400, Fierro, McNaul, Heckman, and Burke finished in 4:56.12.

The sprint medley team of Heckman, Jaida Dalton, Burke, and McNaul finished in fifth place with a time of 2:06.67.

The distance medley team of Dalton, Cole, Baca, and Martin-Thomas finished in 5:47.83.

West Liberty at Wildcat Girls Relays at Durant April 18

"We were a little short-handed, but we had some girls step up and step in to help with the team success," West Liberty Co-head Coach Dennis Riley said. "There were many highlights for this meet, but in the discus, all five throwers had personal records."

West Liberty results: Shot put: Miranda McHugh 6th 28-11.50; Morgan Nichols 27-09.25; Ella Filerio 26-04.50; Abby Jacques 21-11.25. Discus: Filerio 1st 104-04, Katie Schneider 2nd 103; Nichols 98-06; McHugh 90-01; Jacques 63-04.

JV shuttle hurdle relay: 1st 2:17.39 Ahtziri Aragon (16.71), Nearly Martin-Thomas (16.13), Katie Schneider (29.24), Elizabeth Baca (1:15.07). 100m dash: Yadisha Mendez 4th 13.55. JV 4x200: 1st 2:15.05 Aragon (37.77), Schneider (29.67), McKenzie Cole (34.66), Elizabeth Baca (32.78).

Sprint medley: 5th 2:04.78 Alexis Partida (14.27), Mendez (15.25), Belinda Heckman (29.69), Emilie Burke (1:05.26). 800m run: Martin-Thomas 3:08.25. 1500m run: Jimena Fierro 4th 5:49.96.

4x200: 1st 2:00.97 Nixsia Melchor (32.34), Mendez (29.43), Partida (31.42), Burke (27.70). Throwers 4x100: 1st 1:01.66 Skylar Wendt (15.75), McHugh (17.09), Nichols (14.49), Schneider (14.18). JV 4x100: 4th 1:04.78 Aragon(16.25), Baca (15.31), Cole 16.65, Martin-Thomas (16.30).

4x100:1st 56.32 Melchor (15.26), Heckman (13.74), Mendez (13.91), Burke (13.03). JV 4x400: 1st 5:31.08 Baca (1:17.26), Aragon (1:23.75), Martin-Thomas (1:25.99), Cole (1:23.71).

4x400: 3rd 4:52.73 Melchor (1:22.52), Heckman (1:11.89), Fierro (1:12.04), Burke (1:05.96. Distance Medley: 3rd 5:00.72 Melchor (30.56), Partida (30.34), Heckman (1:07.67, (Fierro (2:51.60).
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