Monthly School Report (April 2017)

Superintendent Steve Hanson · Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Our high school drama department presented their annual spring play this past weekend:  "Chateau La Roach,"  by Lauren Wilson.

It is a farcical comedy about a hotel that gets some very unwanted customers.  It was a  very funny show; the costumes were impeccable and the scenery was excellent.  [I had to go backstage after the production to see how the elevator doors worked!]

Thank you, Ron & Ben Haskell for a wonderful set design.  Set painters were Linley Heath, Janet Rees, Dorianne Rees, Julia Dennis, Wesley Heath and Kristine Haskell.  Oliva Smith came through [again!] on costume design and production.  Supported by Scott Pace (lights); Cameron Wertzbaugher (sound); Max King, Victor Calderon, & Kobe West (stage hands); stage manager Emma Melick; and assistant director Kelzi Mather.

These were the characters and (students) appearing on stage:  Mimi Laroche (Natalie Saucedo), Francois Laroche (Dylan Clifford), Robin Wren (Maya Garrido), Paulo Quinti (Rachael Millage), Happy Lamperson (Zach Haskell), Elsie Weeks (Allie Torres), Gina Retch (Mariela Filerio), Roskel Goomey (Kane Newsome), Ernie (Ayden Mathias), Josie Nackerly (Laura Millage), Jim Nackerly (Carson Heath), Nigel Havic (Luke Dennis), Enira De Cann (Ava Shannon), Madame Zillinda (Elizabeth Pearson), Lola St. Britannia (Brookelyn Harned), Ronnie Zircon (Evren Sasmazer), Liza Bethingil (Angey Sanchez), Hanula Bing (Nelly Romero), Cockroach (Michael Aragon), and Special Guest (Sofia Aragon).

The 8th grade science fair was held in early April.  Parents, staff and community members enjoyed viewing the projects that evening (starting at 5:15) in the middle school cafeteria.  Thanks, Nikki Koenig, for your work with students on this project.

54 Members of the WLHS FFA competed at the state convention this month. The results have already been published in the Index.

Congratulations to the following teams for earning academic achievement awards for the winter season:  boys basketball, girls basketball, wrestling, and wrestling cheerleading.

Stephanie Paulsen, full-time counselor at WLHS, has been named as one of five finalists for 2017 High School Counselor of the Year.  The Counselor of the Year is awarded annually by the Iowa Association for College Admission Counseling (Iowa ACAC).

The winner will be announced May 22 during the annual ACAC conference meeting.  Iowa ACAC’s membership encompasses school counselors and college admissions professionals throughout the state and Midwest.

Grandparents, parents and other community members gathered at the elementary school earlier this month for the spring concerts provided by grades 1, 4 and 5.  Music teacher Robin Evans directed her final concert for West Liberty; she will be entering law school in the fall.

Staff at the Early Learning Center worked hard to set up for their annual parent-child dance.  It was a fun event that the children and parents really enjoyed.  The students were wowed by the awesome decorations that turned the cafeteria into Candyland.

Third grade classes celebrated Earth Day by cleaning Kimberly Park and sprucing up the courtyard at the elementary building.  At Kimberly Park, the students filled over 40 bags of debris.  Students from the Early Learning Center also did some cleaning up at Kimberly Park.

Middle and high school students participated in the City-wide Cleanup on Earth Day (April 22).  Middle School Student Council, FFA and Interact had good turnouts.

We are proud of our students and teachers for the leadership and service they demonstrated by being the primary participants in the Earth Day cleanup of our city.

At this time of year, there is increased activity related to changes in personnel:  resignations, retirements, changes in assignment, interviews, etc.  Hats off to those of you who participated on the interview teams for Activities Director and for Elementary Principal.

You volunteered your valuable time for an important project.  Many thanks for your generosity.

Congratulations to 2017-18 A.D. Brittney Boffeli and to 2017-18 Elementary Principal Jennifer Laughlin.

The following people served as part of the staff & parent interview team for Elementary Principal:  Hannah Boyd, Ashley Shimmin, Kristina Murphy, Kathy Garrido, Christine Guerra, Megan Dehner, Sheila Polman, Brittney Boffeli, Donita Anderson, Kim Wiele, Andrea Heiken, Kelly Daufeldt, Noel Avalos, Steve Hanson.  Serving on the admin, board and instructional coach interview team were Jim Hamilton, Vicki Vernon, Brenda Arthur-Miller, Chris Martin, Emily Geertz, Gabi Bugenhagen and Midge Jennings.  Members of the Activities Director interview team included Brenda Miller, Terri Goos, Brie Collier, Jim Hamilton, Kristine Haskell, Emily Geertz and Steve Hanson.

We are adding the position of K-8 Counselor and a second district nurse for 2017-18.  Staff who have announced retirement (to date) include Charlotte Smith (food service), Helene Salemink (bus driver), Joyce Hull (paraprofessional), Jim Vedepo (custodian), Patty Laughlin (4th grade teacher), Carolyn Probst (middle school science teacher), Rich Hambright (middle school math teacher), Karen Morrison (middle school math teacher), Marilyn Rasmussen (middle school math teacher), Dick Brand (high school Ag teacher), Nancy Gardner (elementary principal), and Steve Hanson (superintendent).

Another focus at this time of the year is on acquiring resources for next school year.  We are in the midst of adopting a new reading series for K-5, as well as planning the purchase of curricular materials for art, music and PE.
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