Egg scramble

Jacob Lane · Wednesday, April 19, 2017
It’s been an egg-cellent, yet egg-sausting Easter weekend in West Liberty as egg-cited kids egg-scavated and egg-zamined every egg-stravagant egg hunt, no egg-saggeration!

The West Liberty Early Learning Center, Community Bridge partnered with West Liberty Foods and Sons of the American Legion held egg hunts April 13-15.

Per usual, it concluded in grand fashion Saturday, April 15, in Kimberly Park on a bright and shiny morning as the Sons of the American Legion scattered a 100 dozen ‘real’ colored eggs.

“There were more than enough eggs for everybody,” said Jeff Owen for the Sons, “The weather was ideal. Every kids probably got around a dozen eggs.”

The Sons’ have been holding an egg hunt for more than 20 years, an event that was started by the West Liberty Jaycees even longer before that.

They spent four hours coloring the eggs the night before, only to have them all disappear in under a minute. This year eggs were hidden all the way up to the north side of the park.

“Usually the first question I get is if these are edible,” said Owen. They are. These are the genuine incredible edible eggs. However, certain ones have special markings.

The kids who found the special eggs received gift baskets stuffed with candy, while bags of candy were also handed out to every kid that came that morning.

The day before, Thursday, April 14, kids also had a grand egg-grabbing opportunity during a hunt organized by the Community Bridge, partnered with West Liberty Foods, at the fairgrounds.

More than 3,000 plastic eggs stuffed with candy caressed the fairgrounds as children and their parents lined up along side the hunting areas.

“It’s a pretty normal year for turnout, pretty similar to previous years,” said the Community Bridge’s Mindy Heick. There were definitely more than 100 kiddos ready to go.

West Liberty Foods advertises the Egg Hunt/Pancake Breakfast every year to its employees and the community. Every year, Good Friday is a paid holiday at the company.

“We do it on Good Friday because our plant is down, plus we don’t want to interfere with what the Sons are doing on Saturday,” says Heick. “It’s an opportunity for them to come out.”

For those kids that found the right eggs there were Easter baskets to be awarded. When they were finally given the go ahead the kids could hardly contain their excitement.

The same could be said for the Early Learning Center (ELC) egg hunt, held Thursday, April 13, for the pre-school and kindergarten classes of West Liberty.

For four years P.E. Coach and instructor Kelly Morrison has organized a hunt at the high school football field, and for four years it’s been the unofficial kick-off for egg hunting in town.

“They love it, they like going out and having an object and a goal,” she says. Each kid is only supposed to gather 10 eggs, each one stuffed with a toy or fun object.

Mr. Hambright’s sixth grade classes helped stuff more than 2,250 eggs with stickers, plastics goldfish, rings, temporary tattoos, bracelets and more. The school doesn’t do candy for safety reasons.

Actually, the ELC egg hunt started in order to help students on their Gold Assessment which requires them to count to 10. Before they begin, they’re clearly told the number.

As the classes line the side of the football, filled with tons of color, Coach Morrison holds up all 10 fingers and asks the students how many eggs they’re supposed to pick up.

“10” they all scream in unison.

Try as she might, there were still students that went above and beyond the limit, having to throw back 10 to 15 eggs. They’re just that excited.

“The assessment is at school,” she says, “So this helps them get ready for the assessment.”

And so another egg hunt weekend went off successfully in West Liberty before Easter Sunday, April 16. No doubt a good number of the children had their own personal hunts on Sunday.

It was a little egg-stracurricular activity for the young egg-squisite crowd. They definitely got a lot of egg-sercise during the egg-splosion of activity.

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