WL Golf tees off

Jacob Lane · Wednesday, April 12, 2017
High school boys and girls golf has teed off for the 2017 season. The girls are looking to become competitive this season while numbers are up for the guys.

The boys squad jumped from 10 competitors to 19 this year under second year Coach Brittney Boffelli, including one senior, five juniors, five sophomores and nine freshman.

“I think that the varsity will be able to put up a good team score,” says Coach Boffeli. “This team offers a lot of determination, they’re always wanting to put in extra time.”

Noah Feldman, the lone senior, is returning to golf after playing it his freshman year. As a multi-sport athlete he’s definitely a competitor and leader on the green.

Meanwhile, Sophomores Colton Kaalberg, Austin Beaver and Jack Baker return with varsity experience. The three have invested a lot into the game

Juniors Justis Dengler and Cole Chown are showing good swings early on in the season, while former JV member Jack Baker has shown a drive to be on the varsity team.

Freshman Eli Gingerich is on the varsity team, while classmates Talen Dengler, Will Esmoil and Rees Epping have potential to help at the varsity level.

It’s looking to be a great line-up, which is good for the squad considering five of its members will also be participating in track and field this season.

“That’s why you need a line up for varsity that’s deeper than just the top six to rely on,” says coach Boffeli, who has been working with track coach Gus Garica.

The Comet boys finished last in the River Valley Conference last season, but there’s more buzz and excitement around the team in 2017, much more than year’s passed.

While it’s going to be an uphill climb, Boffeli aims to take this momentum and take home more wins this season. It’s about growing the team’s potential.

“They’re motivated, and they’re motivated by each other. From last year to this year I’m seeing a lot of determination and wanting to do well,” she says.

On the girls side, they have three solid golfers in Kelzi Mather, Aly Jones and Macy Akers for the varsity squad. They’re looking to fill out the team with consistency.

“Right now we have three pretty consistent golfers with Kelzi, Macy and Aly,” said Coach James Laughlin. “We are looking for a fourth score to become more consistent on a regular basis.”

“If we can get our other girls to throw in a low fourth score we will be pretty tough,” he adds. “I think by the end of the year we can put up some pretty good post season numbers.”

He’s looking at Bella Runge, Tatum Dickey and Morgan Peterson to take some big steps in the next couple of weeks and improve their scores on a regular basis.

Meanwhile Kelzi Mather is the unofficial leader of the team.

“She works hard, has a great attitude, and is a good leader,” says Coach Laughlin. “She has been pretty consistent so far this year and I look forward to that continuing.”

In the most recent dual with West Branch, Aly Jone put up a 48, Kelzi Mather a 50 while Claire Bridges, Macy Akers and Aleah Rocha scored 52.

So it looks like the boys and girls both have some growing to do in 2017. However, if they keep at it we could be looking at some post season play this year.
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