The Table of Good (4/6/17)

Pastor Mario R. Padilla · Wednesday, April 5, 2017
The greatest teacher who ever lived, who was also the most brilliant person that ever lived, taught his followers the Great Commandment of Love.

Jesus taught us that we are here to love God, love the neighbor, love the self, love even the enemy. One of his greatest enemies was Paul when he met Jesus.

Jesus forgave him for killing Christians, his followers. This man was changed radically and totally. Thus, Paul wrote letters to early churches. In one letter, he elaborates all about love. He teaches us to love.

Another follower named Peter said of Jesus that he went about doing good. Later Paul writes these words to the churches in the City of Thessalonika (Greece). He writes to them, brothers and sisters, do not grow weary of doing good or “good doing.” We are here to do as we need. As we hear of the bad, the evil, the violence, the crime, the killing, we must not forget the love and the good. We must not grow weary of doing good.

Good doing can be big. It can be small, It can be done. It takes many forms and shapes. It can be a smile to someone on a difficult day. It can be opening a door for someone else. It can be watching the bags of someone at an airport who is in a wheelchair, while they go to the restroom.

It can be chasing someone who left their American doll at the table they ate at. This person was shocked as to why you would do this. Thank you. It can be giving a homeless person some food. It can be going to a place used to feed the poor. It can be cleaning a house and a yard for someone who is not able to do so.

It can be giving someone a ride who can’t drive. It can be going without food for 30 hours to raise support and funds for the poor and needy of the world. It can be providing water for those in places where they have none. It can be talking to someone who is lonely. It can be writing to someone in prison. It can be praying for those in need and seeing how God will use us to meet their needs. It can be lifting some heavy load that someone is carrying.

Listen to the words of Dr. Timothy R. Jennings from his book “The God Shaped Brain”, page 200. Love is not afraid. Love does not seek to protect itself. Love is outrageous. It gives all for others. “Every day the battle rages-love others or seek self. There are only two options in life, two paths, two destinations, two principles, two choices and, ultimately two kinds of people. The Bible calls them the ‘wheat and tares,’ ‘sheep and goats,’ ‘fruitful and withered vine,’ ‘pure woman and harlot,’ righteous and wicked,’ ‘saved and lost.’ But at its root, love comes down to focusing more on others than self, giving rather tan taking. In every act of life, these two principles-love others or seek self-fight for control of our hearts.”

Every day we decide, will we be an instrument of the good or will we be an instrument of the bad, the evil, the wicked? Followers of Jesus lead the charge for the good and to do the good. Do the good. Let us never grow weary of doing the good.
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