Boffeli to become Activities Director

Jacob Lane · Wednesday, April 5, 2017
Brittney Boffeli, special ed teacher and coach, is expected to accept the position of Activities Director for the West Liberty School District.

“Im excited, I’m a person that likes to get involved,” she says. “I’ve built special relationships with the kids through coaching, sports and the fine arts activities.”

She will be replacing James Laughlin, who is stepping down in order to spend more time with his own kids as they get older and more involved with extracurricular activities.

As the West Liberty Activities Director, Boffeli will be in charge of planning and overseeing the sports and fine arts programs for the district, as well as other administrative duties.

Other school districts might refer to the position as sports director, but here in West Liberty overseeing sports and fine arts programs is one in the same.

“My ideal goal is to be involved in everything, not to just go to games but to the student’s practices and work with the coaches and players,” says Boffeli.

“But I think the biggest thing is that I want to meet with each individual head coach and director and see what their goals are long term and short term,” she adds.

During the school day Boffeli is the Head Behavior Teacher for Special Ed as well as teaches first and second grade learning resource (reading, math and writing).

However, most may know her as the assistant coach in varsity girls volleyball, which has had much success in recent years under head coach Ruben Galvan.

She’s been involved with coaching volleyball for seven years, ever since she began teaching at the school district. But, last year she became the head coach of boys golf.

In fact, golf is somewhat of a passion for Boffeli. She did golf, volleyball and softball at Cascade High school until she graduated in 2006, then continued on with golf at Loras College.

“I just love what an independent sport it is and how much dedication and hard work it takes,” she says. She helped Gregg Guin during his tenure as boys golf coach.

That makes Boffeli, female, the coach of a boys team. While that’s not unheard of, it’s still quite an uncommon cross over in the world of sports.

Not that it matters much, Boffeli has a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to teaching and sports. She has drive to be Activities Director, it’s definitely something she wants to do.

Actually, the pieces kind of fell into place for the transition.

She was getting a Master’s Degree in behavior, where she had several courses in leading and teaching athletics. During that time she had a conversation with Superintendent Steve Hanson.

“I told him I love West Liberty, I love the community, I love the school district and I love the people, if I could be an Athletic Director this would be my first choice,” she said.

Sure enough last year James Laughlin handed in his resignation letter. He agreed to fill in for the 2016/17 school year as the district searched for a replacement.

While Laughlin will continue to teach a normal class load at the high school, Boffelli will take on the kind of ‘part time’ director position. It’ll be more work with a payment stipend.

As mentioned before, that actual transition won’t take place until mid to late summer, when the Comet’s baseball and softball seasons comes to a close.

She has two major goals when she takes over, the first is to build a relationship with the coaches though meeting with them.

“We have to see what their goals are, why do they do what they do,” she says. “Is it for the pay, or is it truly that they’re passionate for it and they want to help kids enjoy the sport.”

She wants to get involved with the programs and get better insight. That’ll take a majority of her first year as Activities Director.

The other goal, take a good look at participation numbers.

In general, boys participation is down and girls is up when it comes to high school sports. However, the fine arts programs have grown immensely in popularity.

“The fine arts programs are rocketing,” she says. “I think kids are getting more involved, but they need to decide what they’re getting dedicated to.”

But she doesn’t pay as much attention to the ‘overall’ participation rate as much as she wants to dive in and figure the rate for every sport and fine arts activity, whether it’s up or down.

In a way, Boffeli may turn out to be the perfect transplanted Comet. She may not have graduated from West Liberty, but in the past seven years she’s grown to love it.

She’s ready to take the next step and get more involved.

“What drove me to this position is that I have been involved with sports and fine arts the seven years that I’ve been here,” she says. “It’s one of my biggest passions.”
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