Math and spelling stars

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
West Liberty’s talented and gifted students will soon be taking their talents on the road with math and spelling.

Charlie Thrasher will represent West Liberty at the Sate Spelling Bee on Saturday, March 25, in Ames, Iowa.

Thrasher won the school school spelling bee Thursday, April 9, after a 21 round competition that began with 12 middle school and three elementary school students.

Ultimately it came down to an 11 round back-and-forth between Reynolds Heath and Charlie Thrasher, with Thasher taking the top spot.

In order to compete in the spelling bee middle school students were given a written spelling exam with the top 12 students advancing.

Meanwhile, the three elementary students that participated were winners of their respective grade spelling bees in grades 3rd-5th.

Next, the middle school MathCounts team placed second overall during competition in Muscatine hosted by Stanley Consultants.

Three students made it to the top 10 individual rounds out of over 40 students, they included Allison Wickman, Chance Thrasher and Daniel Zeman.

Daniel Zeman placed third overall and will advance to state.

MathCounts is a national math competition that is held yearly. Students are selected to compete on the West Liberty team by taking a written math test.’

The top six scores make the team. The actual competition consists of a team round and individual rounds.
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