Cool Runnings

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
The Chili Chilly 5k Extreme was held Saturday, March 11, at the Muscatine County Fairgrounds. The word of the day was cold.

More than 60 competitors showed up for the tumultuous trek over and under logs, across the lake and through the forest in 40 degree weather.

Sponsored by Liberty Communications, the Chili Chilly Extreme helps raise money for the Muscatine County Fairgrounds, which is currently restoring several of its buildings.

The run begins and ends at the Activity Center on the north side of the fairgrounds and weaves through the nearby forest full of hills, holes and natural obstacles.

Always a highlight is the river crossing. While the water may not have been as deep as year’s past it was definitely cold, numbing the feet of most competitors.

The Chili Chilly 5k Extreme is held every year in March, where the weather dictates just how extreme the run will be. While last year’s mud reigned supreme, this year it was the cold.

Runners also ran into a few more obstacles, including giant four-foot tires right before the finish line that tested endurance. But at the end of it all was a hot bowl of chili and awards.
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