New postmaster on the clock

Jacob Lane · Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Meet Xann Rodgers-Mather, West Liberty’s latest Postmaster. She not only has years of experience in the field and in the office, but now she works in her hometown.

“It was always sort of a dream of mine to be the postmaster of the town I lived in,” says Rodgers-Mather. She and her husband Alan bought a house here in 2000.

“I love this town because of all the great people that live here,” she adds. “I am glad to be back here working in this community.”

The United States Post Office is a national organization, meaning employees can move all over a state, or country, if they keep with it long enough.

Postmaster Rodgers-Mather began as a letter career in Tipton and West Liberty, became a manager in Muscatine, then Officer in Charge in Lone Tree followed by a Clerk in Wilton.

Even though now she’s received the honorable distinction of postmaster, there seems to be a part of the 20 plus years she spent on the road that carries with her.

“As a carrier you got to know your customers and their families because they saw you and talked to you often when you delivered their mail,” she says.

“It was so rewarding when you were the one to deliver a birthday card or package to a small child who was having a birthday,” she adds. “Seeing their eyes light up and smile when you handed them that special something with their name on it.”

“That is the greatest feeling to bring that joy to someone,” she says.

Rodgers-Mather graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Transportation Logistics. Her aunt talked her into taking a postal exam, which landed her a gig as a casual carrier in Cedar Rapids.

After several years as a carrier, the postmaster in Muscatine encouraged her to join management at the post office in the city. Following that she would work behind-the-desk around Iowa.

Then, in September 2016 West Liberty’s six-year Postmaster J. Peter Rehling retired. Rodgers-Mather came in temporarily to help fill the void.

However, on Friday, Feb. 24, she was sworn in full-time during a special ceremony. “The reason I have stayed with the postal service is because it is a very rewarding job,” she says.

By the way, when you pronounce her first name ‘Xann’ you say the ‘X’ then add the ‘ann.’ Sort of like X-Men… sort of.

She isn’t the first female West Liberty postmaster either, Rodgers-Mather follows in the footsteps of Zeta Barnett, Ellen Opperman and Deb Sheldon.

She’s also inspired by her grandfather Thomas Rodgers, who was the postmaster in Ogden, Iowa. She remembers taking field trips to his post office as a little girl.

“He never really pushed me to work for the post office, but was happy when I got the job carrying mail in Cedar Rapids,” she says. “If he were alive today I am sure he would be very happy that I got the postmaster job in West Liberty.”

Rodgers-Mather has two children, because of that she’s been involved with Fine Arts, FFA and 4-H activities. She also likes to help with the Muscatine County Fair.

Now that she’s the head honcho in West Liberty, she sees her duty in the office as one to provide the best customer service possible for the community.

And just like former Postmaster ‘J. Peter,’ she also has consistent bit of advice in order to smooth out the entire letter mailing process and avoid delays in the delivery of mail.

Use proper addressing.

Seriously folks, the first line on the front of the envelope is the recipients full name, the second line is their street address and the third is their city, state and zip code.
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