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WL Fire Chief Kirt Sickels · Tuesday, February 7, 2017
In 2016 the WLFD had 557 ambulance calls and 90 fire calls. To say the least, a very busy year from a very dedicated group of volunteers! Many of you probably don’t even know who is on our department or what it even takes to become a member of the department. Well, I hope to change that with some “Did you know” articles highlighting some incredibly dedicated volunteers that help keep this community safe. The first person I would like to introduce to the community may not be a surprise to some but this individual has spent over 44 years unselfishly dedicating himself to the WLFD and to the surrounding community as well!

Everyone meet Ken Morrison! Born and raised here in West Liberty. There is no one that compares to his resume! A father, grandfather, husband, brother, entrepreneur, builder, leader, innovator, mentor, caregiver, Veteran, patriot, so many words describe this man. I am happy to call him FRIEND and someone I want standing next to me when that emergency comes along. Mr. Morrison in his 44 plus years has countless hours of service and sacrifice to this community. He has been instrumental in leading the Fire Department down the right roads to success. He helped plan, design, fundraise and build both the Fire Station and the new EMS building which is an incredible asset and will only continue to serve this community for years to come. Not only has he been a center stone of strength to this department for many years as a Fire Chief, Assistant Chief, Fire Captain, a Trustee, but he has that natural sense of futuristic planning that has kept us ahead of the preverbal curve. Keeping this community and its surrounding communities safe is not an easy thing, but he has always one step ahead and rock solid when the need has arose. One more thing, his son Todd Morrison has followed in his footsteps and too is a very valued member if this department! Todd has over ten years of service himself. Over five decades of service from the both of them!

So if you see Mr. Morrison walking down the street or on the scene of an emergency, just know he is always looking out for you! Tell him thanks!

If you are interested in being a part of this prestigious group of guys and gals as a member of our WLFD please contact the Fire Station or any member as we are always looking for those who care about their community!
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