Atalissa’s wobbly welcome

Ashley Smith · Wednesday, January 11, 2017
The Atalissa community recently added a new bar, restaurant, and live music venue to expand the entertainment scene in Muscatine County.

The Wobbly Boot, located on Cherry Street in the town of Atalissa, opened Nov. 1.

“We’ve had a phenomenal experience from the community, which has been great. Business has been extremely good,” said owner Zach Boots.

Currently, the kitchen offers appetizers, cheeseburgers and chicken tenders, with plans to expand the menu after the addition of a full kitchen later this month.

“We are shooting for a whole kitchen before the end of January, with wing night, taco night, things like that. Great things are yet to come,” said Boots.

The addition of a full kitchen is likely to increase the size of the restaurant staff. “Right now, we have four employees, with two cooks and two bartenders, and I’m looking to expand that in the future,” he said.

The Wobbly Boot will also continue to feature live music and entertainment. So far, most of the bands performing at the venue have centered around country and classic rock genres.

“We like to promote bands that are upcoming and moving up in the world – bands that are trying to make their name for themselves,” said Boots. “We like to promote small business.”

While this is Boots’ first experience in owning a restaurant, he has had plenty of business experience in other areas. “I have a construction company, and I also own a hog farm,” he said. “You could say I’m a little bit busy.”

A native of Muscatine County, Boots said he wasn’t initially looking to open a restaurant, but found the opportunity too good to pass up. “This is my first restaurant, it’s very exciting. I wasn’t really looking for this type of position, but it presented itself to me and I decided that it would be a great way to go.”

Born and raised in Fruitland, Iowa, Boots said he was drawn to open his restaurant in Atalissa because of the people in the community.

“I knew that Atalissa had a great group of people, and they’ve been phenomenal” he said. “I went to look at the place one day, said ‘The Wobbly Boot is going to be the name,’ and here we are.”

He looks forward to expanding the entertainment available. “We’ll have Bike Night on Tuesdays once the weather gets warmer, and monthly parties beyond that,” he said. “We also plan to have karaoke nights the second Saturday of each month.”

“We’ve had a couple karaoke nights already,” said Boots. “And yes, I have been known to get up there and sing, too,” he said.

“My favorite song? Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.”
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