WLF Connection (12/15/16)

Michelle Elizondo · Wednesday, December 14, 2016
If you think about the name West Liberty Foods, it may not spark much beyond being the largest employer in town or that we are named after the town itself. It wasn’t until I sat to write this article that I really began to realize all the places West Liberty is spoken every day. Our community gets tremendous press for our diverse population and dual language program, but from my perspective West Liberty is spoken in many other ways. Let me show you how.

My work enables me to collaborate with a wide variety of people all around the country and often get the question: “What does West Liberty stand for in your name?” While it is second nature for us, many don’t realize we are named after the community in which we were founded.

This becomes the perfect opportunity to share our company history, where we are headquartered, and all of the great aspects of our community. I find often that “Foods” is dropped from our name and we are just referred to as West Liberty. This summer, during our Landfill Free event in Bolingbrook, IL, the mayor asked this very question. Upon hearing my explanation he exclaimed: “So you’re telling me that if your business had been started here you’d be called Bolingbrook Foods?” While his comment is of joking nature what he says is true. While we talk a lot about our Landfill Free achievement for us it’s not for the notoriety, but to share to inspire companies across the country to do the same. We take our environmental initiatives and leadership very seriously and West Liberty Foods is known as a thought leader for these reasons.

So from the mayors, to the magazines, businesses who want to be Landfill Free, to the conferences where we share our story- West Liberty is spoken here.

We have customers from coast to coast in the United States. Our sales team is out meeting with buyers, chefs, retailers and restaurants around the country. Internationally the words West Liberty are spoken by more than 15 different countries. This name is recognized all the way from the C-suite to the manufacturing environment, from our largest competitor to the smallest independently run business- West Liberty is spoken here.

Each of our plant locations in Utah, Illinois and Iowa have our company name on the building. In Chicago you can see our Bolingbrook sign from I-55 and it shines in the night sky. We are very connected with all the communities in which we operate and we employ over 2,600 people who speak our name each and every day- West Liberty is spoken here.

I am proud that West Liberty remains in our name. As our reach continues to grow it will never change the fact of where our roots are, the Midwest values in which we conduct our business, and the amazing folks who own our company.

Happy Holidays from everyone at West Liberty Foods!
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