Holy potatoes!

Emily Archer · Thursday, July 24, 2014
First Church United prepared for another year at the Muscatine County Fair, peeling away at the potatoes that would soon become freshly made fries.

The First Church United stand has been at the fair for over 50 years, though they started off selling sodas to the fairgoers before the fries.

Every morning a few people sat outside next to a shed full of potatoes, cleaning and cutting the eyes out of them so they were prepped for a day of frying. The potatoes were then put into a giant pot of water, waiting to be fried.

The fries were popular because they were made to order, and went well with the barbeque pulled pork sandwiches and beef sandwiches that were also on the menu.

The stand is made up of volunteers from the members of First Church United, helping out in shifts throughout the day. The busiest times were during the lunch hour and dinner hour, but the volunteers were constantly on their toes.

While there was a plethora of food stands at the Muscatine County Fair, the First Church United Stand remained the only place to churn out freshly made potatoes.
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