4-H shares the fun

Emily Archer · Thursday, July 24, 2014
4-H held a Share the Fun family fun night at the Muscatine County Fair on Friday, July 18.

The family fun night consisted of 4-H Olympic Games, different skits showing off what 4-H is all about, and celebrating the members, past, present and future, of 4-H.

“4-H is the place to be and we are glad you are here to join us,” said Meredith Nichols, Muscatine County Fair Queen, to the new members of the group.

The 4-H Olympic games ranged from apple bobbing to dressing up like farmers in rubber boots, overalls, or straw hats, and taking a lap around the 4-H building.

There were also short skits made by the kids of the 4-H groups. One skit involved 4-H members dressing up their various pets and animals and showing them off in a pet show. Included in the pet show was a chia pet dog and an angelic rabbit.

Another skit was about the benefits of being a member of 4-H, called Ticket to Success. One at a time, a kid came up and grabbed a ticket to success, each ticket containing a different life skill 4-H has taught them, such as leadership or communication.

“Because of 4-H we have life skills that will give us our tickets to success!” said the kids in unison at the end of the skit.

Local 4-H groups from inside and outside West Liberty congregate on the grounds every year at the Muscatine County Fair to compete and have fun.
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