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Mary Atkinson · Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Tickets are available now for local leaders who are interested in attending the Leadercast West Liberty, May 9, at the New Strand Theater, a day-long conference streamed live from Georgia.

This will be We Lead's third year participating in the international streaming event. This year's theme is 'Beyond You,' which "challenges leaders to look outward rather than inward."

For one day, those interested in leading gather together and listen to world renowned speakers offer their expertise on building good leadership skills.

Dauna Kiser of West Liberty Economic Area Development (We Lead) said it is more than just listening to speakers.

"The Leadercast is a wonderful opportunity to gain additional leadership skills as well as network with others in and outside our community," Kiser said. "We have been fortunate that this event brings together people from all over our country and even as far as the Quad Cities and Cedar Rapids."

We Lead began in 2004 as a "strategic planning vision to foster economic growth in the West Liberty area." It partners with Iowa State University Extension in a program of rural economic development and is used as a model for other counties across the state.

The Core Four Developmental Goals of We Lead are Business Development, Leadership Development, Workforce Development, and Organizational Development.

The Leadership Development initiative brings in students from the area and introduces them to other professionals and leaders through an eight-month course where they "visit different venues in order to better understand how to give help and receive help as a resident and community leader." During that time, they are required to lead or be involved in a project that benefits the community and to present their progress upon graduation of the program.

"Local and area business sponsorship helps make this event possible," Kiser said. "The Leadcast West Liberty helps to sustain We Lead Leadership Development programs, including Leadership West Liberty. WLW Alumni, in return, help to organize and coordinate a successful leadership day."

Also, Kiser said that West Liberty is a good location to host the event.

"West Liberty is a fantastic small town," she said. "We have resources here to make things possible."

She listed fast internet, the New Strand's large screen and digital set up and a large volunteer base - WLW Alumni especially - "40 plus alumni who consistently give back to the community."

Anyone wishing to purchase a ticket to the Leadership and/or is interested in participating in the Leadership program may contact Kiser by visiting the We Lead office located downtown at 112 East Third St, or by calling 319-627-4045.
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